USA: One on one with Immanuel Quickley

One of the top point guards in high school basketball is 2018 Baltimore product Immanuel Quickley. The five star guard spoke with TDD at USA Camp to discuss his recruitment, Duke’s interest, and more.

How do you feel about where your game is this spring and summer?

Playing pretty well, I’ve been playing with the Baltimore Elite on the Adidas Uprising circuit and we’ve gone 8 and 0, just trying to continue to do better and keep improving.

What was it like for you making the top 12 for this team?

It’s been putting in a lot of hard work and it’s great to see the hard work pay off, there’s a lot of talent here, so I tried to play hard and play my role.

What kind of role have they asked you to play here?

I don’t know yet, nobody knows what their role will be yet, we’re just playing hard and earn playing time.

With the college coaches recruiting you, are they recruiting to play a true 1 or combo or true 2 role?

I’m just doing what I have to do for this team to help it win a gold medal, but in college I’m going to play the 1. Every program is recruiting me for that.

Which programs have extended a firm, committable scholarship to you at this point right before they can call you directly?

Washington, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Miami, Cincinnati, Rhode Island, USC, UCF, that’s all I can think of. On the interest side it’s Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State Villanova, UCLA.

What’s been the message to you from the second group of programs you just listed?

All of them are going to be watching me in July and if I play well, then I should be fine.

How will it affect things for you in your recruitment if any of that second group offers you after June 15?

That would obviously be huge and it would trigger probably a lot of other offers as well, it’ll probably increase my stock even more.

What’s been going on with Duke and you lately? 

They came to see me in Dallas and they are going to be coming to see me in July, so as long as I handle my business, I should be fine. They haven’t talked about an offer yet, just still building a relationship. I’ve talked with all the coaches there, Coach K, Coach Jeff Capel, all of them.

How regular is the communication with the Duke staff?

Not too regular, I call when I get a chance and when I’m free, but when I’m busy it’s harder to do that. I try to give everybody equal opportunity, it’s not on a regular basis with anybody.


Morning of June 15th interview after phone calls and texts had started interview…

So how did the calls and texts go this morning after 12:01?

It went good, only one coach called, but just about everybody texted. Coach Larranaga texted me from Miami, Coach Jay Wright called, Coach Howard from there texted me and Coach Capel texted me, Washington texted me, one of Kentucky’s assistants texted me and I think I’m supposed to be getting a call from Coach Cal today.

Was there anybody who reached out who was either a brand new contact or a brand new offer?

No offer, but just still building my relationship with the coaches and seeing where that goes. It was fun and interesting to hear from the coaches.

What was Coach Capel’s message for you from Duke when he reached out?

He said congratulations on making the USA team, that’s a tremendous accomplishment and we’ll be watching you and they are hoping to build that relationship there.

Was that your first contact with Coach Capel?

No, I had visited and talked with him there. I’ve visited them three times.

Were those visits more at Duke’s request or more at yours?

Kinda both, they wanted me to come visit and I kinda wanted to go there. You talk about Duke, that’s one of the top notch programs in the country, I really just wanted to visit one of the top programs in the country.

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