One on one with DJ Harvey

One of the top wing players in the newly released Scout Top 100 is D.J. Harvey. We spoke with Harvey about the latest recruiting developments, his relationship with Duke, and more.

What is your general impression of the Team USA Camp?

This camp was very competitive playing against the top players in the country and even being invited there is an honor alone. I feel like I played pretty well, but you have to set yourself apart with how many good players there are, play defense, talking, so I just made sure I focused more on the defensive side and with talking and play as a unit.

You seem pretty comfortable with the mid-range game on the offensive side of the court, what have you done to develop that?

Just taking a bunch of shots, I shoot a lot mid range and 3s, that’s kinda how I work my way in and then come out. I’m very comfortable with that, it’s like my bread and butter.

How are things going on the recruiting front for you these days?

It’s the same, still with my ten, trying to cut it down to a list of 5 and figure out my officials.

What’s going into those discussions as you guys figure out the top 5?

Just relationships, getting the feel, how he coaches and just trusting how my family feels about it.

Out of your top 10, have you visited everybody from that group?

No, not UCONN and UCLA, I haven’t visited them yet. They have good histories, I talk with Coach Ollie a lot and the coaching staff at UCLA makes sure I talk with them at least 3, 4 times a week. They make pros, so that’s why they are on the list.

Aside from UCLA who else is making a concerted effort to stay in regular contact with you or your dad?

Definitely Duke, Texas, Notre Dame, Arizona, UCLA and Connecticut.

How have things evolved over time with the recruiting process with Duke and yourself?

Now we text back and forth and we make small talk, see how we’re all doing. We are building a relationship so I can get more comfortable with them and the coaching staff. We don’t really talk about basketball, it’s more just how we’re doing. We text about three or four times a week. Usually after a session they will hit me up and sometimes I’ll hit them up.

Have they discussed much with you where they are with recruiting in your class?

They really talk with me a lot about just being a leader in my class. It’s not like they offer a lot people to begin with, so hopefully they see something in me that fits Duke Basketball. So I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and keep playing my game.  But, they haven’t gotten specific with me, they have just said they feel that I play really well with other good players and being able to be versatile is a good thing since I’m able to play 4 positions.

Based on your analysis, do you think any of the 10 schools on your list present a more favorable outlook for playing time opportunity for you?

Oh yeah, not all 10. UCLA, UCONN, Notre Dame, Texas, Villanova, that’s it.

Are there any programs in your top 10 that it’s a no-brainer for you that you want to visit them officially?

Oh yeah, Arizona, UCONN, UCLA and Duke for sure. Then maybe Notre Dame, Texas, Villanova.

Are you hoping for a fall or spring decision in your senior year?

I think hold out as long as possible, make sure my game is right before I make any decisions and I just don’t want to rush anything, I want to make the right decision because I don’t want to transfer and I want to find the right place for me.

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