One on one with Gary Trent, Jr.

Perhaps the top shooting guard prospect on the board for Duke discusses his Team USA experience, Duke's recruitment of him, and where he sees the recruiting process heading in the immediate future.

What’s been your favorite memory of the camp?

After I found out that I had made the team, that was my best moment I would say at this camp. It was very hectic because you make the first cut and then you still gotta compete to earn that final spot and you still have to compete to earn playing time, so that’s always the constant here. You have to keep playing hard and prove yourself every day and that’s what really good about USA Basketball. I’ve really enjoyed having to guard Kevin Knox and Troy Brown, those are two really athletic players with great moves, you have to play harder against them.’

How did playing them help you get better?

It pushes me to my limits and it makes me work hard no matter what. I can’t take a break in any moment because if they score on me, Coach will be mad, so that’s a good motivation.

You always seem to end up playing other really talented guys whether it be here or EYBL or other settings, is that something you seek out?

Oh yeah I love that, because if you don’t play against guys who aren’t like you, you will never get better. Going up against guys who are the best at this position or that position always helps you in a variety of ways.

What has the feedback been from the USA coaches?

They just tell me to keep playing hard and leading by showing a good example since I played last year and I know what it takes to win a gold medal. I really gotta keep pushing and keep grinding and help my teammates out.

How was it for you this year not having to deal with all the after midnight calls and texts?

Oh yeah it was different. I’m still getting texts and calls from a variety of coaches, lately they’ve been a lot of congrats for trying out and making the team here.

Have you considered that your college career is coming sooner than later?

Yeah it’s coming in a couple of months, I remember last year a few guys who are going to college this year making their decisions of guys that I played against or who played with in camps, so it’s cool that it’s getting closer for me.

Do you and your dad think it makes more sense for your situation to sign early or sign late?

Whenever the time is right for me and I know where I want to go, that’s when I’ll do it. It doesn’t really matter when it is.

Do you have any visits in the planning stages?

Yeah we are looking at some, right now it’s too hectic to really do anything at the moment.

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