One on one with '17 PG Matt Coleman

2017 point guard Matt Coleman of Oak Hill Academy has fielded Duke interest so far, but has yet to pick up an offer from the Blue Devils. He discussed that an more with TDD.

How would you characterize the Team USA Camp experience? 

It’s a lot of fun competing against high level guys, especially at the guard position with guys like Trae Young, Quade (Green), just competing and going at it is great because we’re all going for the same spots to make this USA team. It’s very competitive and fun.

What have bene your major takeaways from this experience?

You know, it’s confidence. When you play with confidence, everything else just falls into place. You are able to knock down shots, get others involved, your game just really opens up.

With recruiting being a major topic, are there any new developments for you there?

I took an unofficial visit to Texas last Thursday, I was in Houston working out with John Lucas for like a whole week, so I went a day and visited Texas. I’ve heard a lot from Louisville, they are coming strong, Arizona, Washington, Stanford just offered me, Ohio State, NC State, Seton Hall, I just heard from Syracuse yesterday. Washington’s interest is newer too, they haven’t offered but are highly interested.

What are your thoughts on the schools that have extended an early scholarship offer to you versus those who either haven’t or who offered later?

Well I know I’m not going to be make a decision until probably November or December and I don’t plan on cutting my list down until July, but the ones who have been there since day 1 and I have a great relationship with those coaches, but the ones who are on the backend still might have time because you never know, that might be the right fit for me.

Which programs would you say haven’t offered you but are recruiting you to a certain level?

Washington and Duke, I think that’s it. I talk with one of the assistants from Washington a lot, like every week and we text and laugh with each other a lot. Duke, I usually hear from Nolan (Smith) like at least once a week and Capel too. Duke’s interest started right before AAU season, they had watched me play in the Dick’s Nationals and I got a call, Capel and Nolan had called my coach and my assistant coach  and Quinn Cook had called me the other week too.

What has Duke’s message been to you so far?

Just seeing how the summer goes for you, we want to build a relationship and we want to know if you are actually open to us, they don’t offer just anybody, so they just want to build a relationship and see how it goes from there.

What are your thoughts towards that approach from Duke?

Duke is Duke. That’s Coach K and he’s one of the greatest coaches of all time, so it’s hard to say no to him. Then you got Washington how they let their guards go.

Have you visited Duke or been asked by them to take a visit?

No I have not and they haven’t asked me yet.

If the interest progresses with Duke beyond where it is right now, how do you see that affecting your recruitment overall?

Maybe, well, you got Frank Jackson there, he might be a potential one and done, I know they offered guys in my class like Tremont Waters and Trae Young and Trevon Duval, so you just gotta see how things fall into place.

Do you talk with any of those guys you just named?

Oh yeah, a lot of us have a group message together, so we talk about recruiting and stuff and seeing what everybody is doing, what kind of packages are going on with guys going to school together, stuff like that.

When did that get started?

It started when we were in mini-camp here last year and then we were at Elite 100, so we got to know each other and stuff, it was good.

Who got it started and who is involved in that group chat?

It’s a lot of guys, it’s me, Trae Young, Tre Duval, Quade (Green), PJ Washington, DeAndre Ayton, Michael Porter, Jordan Tucker, DJ Harvey, Wendell, I think that's all, Gary Trent too. It’s mostly about recruiting and AAU season, what schools are interested in guys. Mostly I talk between Quade and Tre, Tremont, just to see where their interests are.

Have Quade, Tre or Tremont talked with you about where they are with Duke in their processes?

Yeah, I know Quade is taking a visit there up there soon, but we haven’t gotten too involved yet.

Are you lining up any visits soon?

No, nothing yet, something might pop up though, but not right now.

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