One on one with 2017 SF Jordan Tucker

After competing in the Team USA camp in Colorado, four star small forward Jordan Tucker spoke with TDD about his recruitment, Duke’s interest, and more.

You indicated you are hoping for a Duke offer, what is it about the program you like?

Just the program in general, and Coach K, I like the way he coaches. I’ve watched him a lot and I think he’s really changed up over the years to where he’s adjusting all the time to the players and not just a system. He’s recruiting kids that are scorers and it’ll be good for me this year to see how they utilize their scorers like Jayson Tatum and Grayson Allen and others like I watched a lot of Brandon Ingram last season.

What was it that had you interested in tracking them?

I know I’m getting better so I really want to see what the highest level is that I can play at. If I’m ready for Duke or if I’m not, that’s what I’m looking at. I had every offer, I don’t know how to explain it other than Duke is a school that I was really just working to get an offer from, it’s like why not. Everyone wants a Kentucky offer, my goal is I just want a Duke offer because I’m very interested in that school.

Once Duke started getting involved with you, what was your reaction?

That I really needed to work even harder and it made me want to do that and turn it up a lot then.

What has the coaching staff said to you so far in these initial contacts?

I haven’t spoken with them personally but I know they have spoken with my dad. I know they are very interested and they want to see me play more and I know Coach K couldn’t be out more but I know they will see me at the Peach Jam.

Do you see yourself as more of a shooting guard or small forward?

As I progress and play a lot more with the ball and making plays, I think I look a lot differently from other 3s at my position, I think I move differently than they do. I know from EYBL and playing against other 3s like Michael Porter—him and I are both 3s, but the way we both move is different. I like to mix it up a bit, come off pick and rolls, slip screens and all that.

How much are you looking at who schools are projected to have in recruiting in your class, and how big an impact is that going to have on your process?

Yeah that’s really, I want to commit like so bad but I don’t know where.  I just want to get the recruiting process over with, but it’s hard because the 2016 class is just getting to school and there’s so many good wings in that group, I don’t know who is going to leave. Like for example, Arizona is a school that I like and all those kids are there, so I gotta see who is going to leave for the draft and who is going to stay. Its hard to tell who is going to go because you could say a guy could go one and done, but sometimes kids games don’t necessarily translate to the next level after 1 year. I’m probably one of the least athletic kids out here in this camp, so sometimes playing against a higher level of competition can help you see where you are.

With waiting on the Duke offer, is there a date in your mind that if they haven’t extended one by then that it’ll be time for you to move forward with the next phases of your recruiting process ?

Yeah no matter what I’m still going to wait to commit until like the spring, so I have time for the high school season. I don’t think they will just stop recruiting me or forget about me, but if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I’ll be fine.

It was interesting hearing you say that Duke is one of the programs you definitely want to visit officially earlier considering they haven’t offered..

In my mind I’m positive that they are going to offer me, I think they will, I think I’m good enough and that I’m coachable enough to be coached by Coach K. It’s just a confidence level at this point. I just want them to be on my radar, I want them to be an option for me, I don’t want to just pay attention to a school that isn’t recruiting me, but when it gets to a point I’m going to figure out whether they are interested or not, and if they aren’t, I can move on and I wouldn’t be mad.

Are you shaping up to be a fall signee or a spring signee your senior year ?

For me yeah it might be spring since my position is so loaded in college, right now that’s the case, but it could change, that’s not definite.

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