One on one with Javin DeLaurier

Current Duke freshman Javin DeLaurier took time away from campus to attend the U18 Team USA Camp in Colorado. We sat down with one of the newest Blue Devils to get the latest on summer workouts, his role for this year's team, and more.

What has the competition been like for you here at camp?

It’s a lot of fun, really competitive environment and I’m just really happy to be here. I hope to get better every day while I’m out here. The coaches told me to come in and compete and obviously things may not go the way you want every single time since there’s a bunch of top players here, but they wanted to see me be competitive and give it everything I have to give.

How about with the Duke staff—what’s their message been to you in regards to this camp?

The Duke staff wants me to focus on the little parts of my game especially my footwork, doing little things that help me on the court.

I noticed you were really comfortable with the pick and roll—is that something you’ve been working on?

Absolutely that’s something they talked with me about in terms of incorporating into my game to be even more versatile since I’m pretty mobile for my size. I’m just trying to expand my game.

I noticed you guarding Hamidou Diallo and some other wings on the perimeter, is that something you may be asked to do by Duke?

Definitely yes, just depends on the situation and who I’m matched up against with different sizes, I think that’s one of my stronger points and something that can be utilized.

How have you been adapting to college life at Duke?

Yeah I’ve been on campus for about a month, got there for the first summer school session. I love it, we’ve got 5 of the 6 freshman there and we are all getting to know each other and taking class and doing workouts—it’s been awesome.

What’s the transition been like for you?

College is a little different and really you are responsible for yourself. Making sure you eat right, get the right amount of rest can have a major impact on your day, so just learning how to grow up and mature a little bit has been the biggest thing since I got there.

With being on campus now for a month, has there been any moment where it’s hit you that you are a Duke student-athlete?

I was sitting in the upperclassmen’s apartment during the K Academy and Jahil Okafor, Jabari Parker,  and Rodney Hood all walked in and I remember saying to myself, ‘wow, I’m really here at Duke’.  Anytime you look around and see all the history, all you can think about is wow, I’m actually a part of that now. It’s been great.

What kind of things have you been doing in the workouts there?

A lot of stuff off the catch, working on my footwork and making sure I do things correctly. I get a ton of shots up also and a ton of ball-handling also.

You are you rooming with?

Frank Jackson, that’s my boy.

Who is the neat freak out of you two?

Haha neither of us are unfortunately, our room is kinda messy, but it’s good, we’re enjoying being at Duke

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