One on one with 5-star Kevin Knox

Elite wing prospect Kevin Knox sat down with TDD to discuss the upcoming events in his recruiting, when he'll be cutting his list, and what it means to have made Team USA.

So first off congratulations on making the team, how are you feeling?

Thank you, thank you, I’m a little bit sore but I’ve recovered really well this afternoon and it’s going good. It’s great to represent my country and I’m thankful that they recognized that I can do that. It’s a big blessing and I’m loving the way the coaches are coaching and the way the players are.  The coaches know that I can dribble and I can play the wing, but on this team I have to play a little bit of the 4 because the coaches told me I would need to do that which I am perfectly fine with, I don’t mind playing the 4 and the 3. I have the freedom to get the ball and go out in transition, it’s been good.

You are way more comfortable it appears as a player this year, where does that confidence come from?

Yeah my hard work is paying off because I’m in the gym almost every day, I’ve been training for this kind of moment. I just gotta come out and perform and show everybody what I’ve been working on.

I saw a recent report about you and your dad are going to talking to cut your list down after Peach Jam…

I feel like it’s time and I feel like with some coaches, if you haven’t offered yet—it’s kinda late. Some juniors have already committed and some are about to commit, so everybody is pretty much looking at cutting their list down. I just thought it was a good time after Peach Jam to cut it down and then get some visits in. My mom is in those conversations too because she does academics, my dad does the sports part, so they are both in there and we’re going to sit down and talk about the academics and coaching style and playing style.

What’s your feedback been to them as you guys have sorted out in those conversations?

I just tell them what I’m looking for, do I fit as a player in their playing style, their coaching style, are their coaches coming to my games, watching me, texting me. They talk to more coaches than I do pretty much-so he talks to them way more than I do. He tells them everything I want in a school, he talks to the coaches about that and what I like and we just go back and forth about it.

Who would you say you are regularly talking with from the coaching side of things?

I’m talking regularly with everybody who is recruiting me and there’s new schools that will text or reach out, it’s good knowing the coaches love me.

Are you most likely looking at a spring signing decision?

Yeah a lot of people asked me if I want to sign early and I really don’t want to sign early, I want to take my recruitment through my senior year, I’ll take some unofficials when I have time and I’ll probably take some officials next year. I’ll probably make a verbal commitment and then sign later on.

What has Coach K and Coach Capel’s feedback been for you around USA?

Oh yeah it’s been good, they do a lot of stuff with USA, he loves USA and he told me it’s going to be a great experience for me and that I’ll get a lot out of it. Coach Capel he’s a good coach, he works out a lot of wing and other really good players.

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