One on one with Hamidou Diallo

One of the most explosive scoring guards in the class of 2017 sits down with TDD to provide an update on his Team USA Camp experience, his recruiting process, and more.

How has the competition level been at USA Camp?

Oh yeah, it’s definitely been physical out there, making me better. It’s a great experience here, I’m really blessed and honored to be here with this group of guys.

What’s the feedback been from the coaches here in terms of what you are doing well and what do you need to improve on?

They just tell me to keep getting after it on both ends of the floor and just keep getting after it, that’s really all they are saying. I’m taking what they are giving me here on the court because there’s a lot of eyes here watching me and I want to do well.

What kind of vision have you heard from the college coaches recruiting you in terms of how they want to utilize and develop you?

Coaches have been telling me they want to get me in as a freshman and just let me be aggressive on both ends of the court and make an impact. They have been telling me how great of a two way player I could be.

With that kind of potential role awaiting you in college, how much if any are you looking at who these programs are potentially bringing in on the wing?

I’m not paying too much attention to that because every school is going to have talented guys there, I’m just going in with the mindset to win my spot. If it fits me, I’m just going to go with it, I don’t really care much about who they recruiting because I know I’d have to compete wherever I go.

Are you comparing notes on recruiting with other top players?

Oh yeah I definitely talk with different guys about that, like there’s several point guards that I look to see where they are in their process and I also talk with several other guards  too. I’m still just enjoying my process.

Since the Hampton EYLB in mid-May, which programs would you say are regularly communicating with you?

I’m in regular contact with I would say Kentucky, Connecticut, Syracuse, Arizona, Kansas, bunch of schools, it’s hard, it’s a bunch of schools. I take every call and respond to every text because I haven’t cut my list down and it’d be unfair to them if I didn’t respond, I’m still interested in them.

How frequent would you say the contact is with you and Coach K and Coach Capel from Duke?

It’s pretty frequent I would say, I would say it’s frequent and it’s more Capel than K. They have the same goal for me and the same pitch.

What have they said would be their goal and vision for you if you were go there?

Just to get me in and to get me better, that’s their number one thing is developing me if I were to choose to go there.

How much have they discussed where they are with recruiting in your class up until to this point?

Yeah they are talking to me about that a little bit.

What are your thoughts on the timing of the Duke offer and when it came compared to other programs? How much is that a part of your process?

Not really I would say, the timing of when you get the offer from a school doesn’t matter because of course they want you by them offering you a scholarship. I wouldn’t say if an offer came late or early that would be a big deal.

Do you feel like at this point you have all the offers you really want?

Yeah there’s a few schools that are like that, but there’s a bunch of schools out there that haven’t reached out who may feel like I’ve set my lists of schools or that I’m not wide open, but I really am wide open.

Any visits being planned?

Definitely going to wait until after the summer and then we’ll see what schools I’m interested in and just waiting it out with stuff like that.

Some guys in your class are getting close to committing it appears, do you have a preference on whether you want to sign early or sign late?

I don’t know really whether I want to sign early or late, it could happen at any time, I just really don’t know right now.

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