One on one with Tremont Waters

Duke extended a scholarship offer to four star point guard Tremont Waters during the Spring.  Since that time the Blue Devils and Waters have maintained contact, but have things progressed?  We spoke with Waters about that at the Peach Jam.

How are things going for you and the team with Peach Jam?

Everything is going well, we had a tough loss against Mokan Elite though.

How was the matchup with Trae Young in your estimation?

Wasn’t that bad because I had played him before and I know his game, so it wasn’t too bad but I definitely had to stay up on his shot.  He had like 28 so I had to do more on the defensive end in the second half since I wasn’t guarding him all the time. He’s a great player. I finished with 18 points, 6 assists and 3 steals and 2 rebounds in that game.

Where do you feel your game is at this point compared to this time a year ago?

Personally I think I’m…I wouldn’t say I’m a great one, but I’m in the process of becoming a much better floor general and getting my teammates involved which I’ve always done. I pretty much know when to do what on the floor and when to be accountable and score when I have to or if I need to get someone the ball who is hot in the moment, then I do that, I’m happy to just play hard.

How much have you been paying attention to who has been on the sidelines at your Peach Jam games?

Yeah I see a few familiar faces like Coach Cal, Coach Thompson from Georgetown, Indiana, Kansas, Duke was there, pretty much the schools I’ve been talking to, those are the ones I have seen the past few days.

Which ones from that group you just mentioned would you say is making it a real priority to stay in contact with you either via the phone or by text?

I would say all of them.

So from Duke, who is staying in contact with you from the staff?

I haven’t spoken to Coach Jon Scheyer in a bit some time, but I did see him here at the games. I would say that Duke is still looking at me, but I haven’t heard from them via call or text message regularly. I spoke with Coach Capel here and there, but Coach Scheyer was the main one.

So when’s the last time you heard from either Coach Capel or Coach Scheyer?

Probably two weeks ago. I’ve just been working out and pretty much staying off my phone, I haven’t spoken to very many people but now that they are here and we’re at Peach Jam people will text me, but over the past two weeks I haven’t talked with them. Over the past two weeks I’ve texted coaches and they’ve responded or I’ve responded to them, but it hasn’t been like every day, day to day because I’ve been staying off my phone and haven’t been talking too much.

So the last time you were able to talk with either Coach Capel or Coach Scheyer, what did the communication center around?

That they love my style of play, that I’m a lead guard and that I help guys get better and they want me to keep getting better every time I play.

When’s the last time they have discussed with you where they are with their recruiting efforts in your class

Recently I’ve seen that they offered Quade Green from PSA Cardinals, so I know I’m not the only guard they are recruiting.  But I’m just going to keep playing like I’m the one that they want.

How did you react to them offering Quade?

That’s great for Quade, I didn’t take it personal though because I know it’s a business and if they feel like Quade is a better fit for them, that’s completely fine. It didn’t impact me.

Are you and your dad looking at doing any visits over the summer ?

I think we’re going to wait until the fall, whenever the timing is right. We’ll probably be looking at setting up official visits.

Where do you see your process headed in terms of a decision making timeframe?

As of right now my process is growing pretty much and whichever school I like best, I’m most likely deciding in the fall.

Are there any programs that you know for sure you want to officially visit?

No, not at this point.

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