One on one with Quade Green

The Blue Devils definitely need a point guard in the class of 2017 and there aren’t many elite options out there. One high major prospect, however, is Quade Green who seems to be gathering more and more interest from Duke over the last month.  We spoke with Green about that and much more at the Peach Jam.

What are your thoughts on how you are playing here?

It’s special, I’ll say it’s special. We are winning and that’s all that matters.

Being a top seed, how’s that impacting you when you are playing?

It puts a target on our backs for everybody because people lose, it’s a must win when they play us.

We’ve all heard about Duke offering recently, can you break down how they extended the offer to you?

Yeah they want me to come in and play and come be the Quinn Cook of the team, that’s all.

What’s your thoughts on the comparison?

I like it, he was a great Duke player, he was a really great one.

Have you and him ever talked?

No, not yet.

What did Duke staff indicate to you about why they wanted to offer you and how they see you fitting in if you were to go there?

They like my toughness and how I control the game and get my teammates involved and how I’m real close with my teammates.

How’d you feel about the timing of the offer?

I don’t know, it was just an offer, I don’t get into the time and all of that with offers.

What were your thoughts on your Duke visit?

Yeah I was chilling with Amile Jefferson, Grayson ALlen, and it just went well.  Also with Jayson, it went well.

What was their feedback to you?

That it’s a great place to be.  It’s great academically and great for the students too, the student body is crazy there.

Now that you have the Duke offer, was that an offer you were hoping for? Do you feel a sense of relief?

Now I can consider all my options are on the table.  Because of that, I can look at where I want to go. Next steps is look where I want to go and just take one game at a time.

How much are you leaning on say Coach Munch versus your mom for help with the recruiting process?

I’m actually looking for help from everybody. Who has done it before, who has been there, I’ve been asking everybody.

What kind of questions have you personally been asking the college coaches to get a better feel for them

What’s it's like there, what happened with transfers because I know multiple people who have transferred from schools, so what happened and what the bad blood was about if there was and I also ask other people at the school about the school too.

Having had the opportunity to visit Duke and Kentucky, what are your thoughts on the feel of both of those schools and the setup of their athletic facilities?

Everybody has a good facility, everybody sleeps well and everybody has good dorms, so it’s really up to me wherever I want to go.

How much have you learned from Duke and Kentucky in terms of where they are with their recruiting efforts in your class, especially with other point guards? Have they laid that out for you?

Duke and Kentucky aren’t recruiting a lot of point guards in my class, it’s only me, Trae (Young), Trevon (Duval) and Matt (Coleman), that’s the only 4 that I know they are really recruiting.

Has either staff talked with you about where you fit in with their point guard recruiting?

Yeah it’s really comes down to who commits first, that’s what I’m thinking. Kentucky said that, Duke said that.

Mohamed (Bamba) is talking about potentially making a spring decision his senior year—are you lining up potentially to be a fall decision coming up or are you still looking at when to decide?

I don’t know man, I don’t know, I’m still looking at that.

What’s going into evaluating what’s the better decision timeframe for you?

Really take all my visits, break down what point guards have been there, who have been there, done that.

Is it going to matter for you which official visit is first versus second or last?

No, that doesn’t matter to me at all.

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