Catching Up With Five Star PF Wendell Carter

Wendell Carter, who many consider the top prospect on the board for Duke in the class of 2017, has enjoyed a very busy summer with stops on the EYBL circuit as well as playing for Team USA.  We spoke with Carter about his travel experiences, his updated recruiting process, and more.

While traveling with USA Basketball, did you have a chance to hear from any of the coaches involved with your recruitment?

Yeah, I did.  Duke, Georgia, and Kentucky actually reached out while I was out there and they came out there for one game, but that was about it.

What was the feedback like from the coaches who reached out?

They were all just kinda like being college coaches who were recruiting me.  

It seems like over the past year you have kind of changed how you talk about Duke and Kentucky, was that a conscious decision and, if so, what led you to want to talk about them in the way that you are now as opposed to a year ago?

I just want to make sure I’m not throwing any wrong words in there. I don’t want anybody in the media or coaches getting the wrong idea about me or to have any assumptions.

What kind of plans have the coaches who are recruiting you laid out in terms of how you’d fit in as a player?

With Duke, they would let the offense go through me.  It’s not like I’m going to touch the ball on every single play, but I would be involved on most every play, things like that.  Then with Kentucky, it’s you have to go in there and prove yourself and to get on the court, you have to prove yourself in practice.

How do you compare and contrast those two approaches and messages?

I just try to take it in and process it, and then I look to my parents so I can make the best decision possible.

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