Checking In With Five Star SG Romeo Langford

One of the first offers in the class of 2018 went out to five star scoring guard Romeo Langford earlier this summer. We recently caught up with Langford to get an update on his recruitment and where the Blue Devils stand.

Heard you’ve grown a little bit physically this year…can you update your vitals for us?

I am up to 6-foot-5 and 192 pounds.

From last year to this year—what do you think you’ve improved upon as a player?

My ability to handle the ball and make plays.  And not just for myself, but also for my teammates.

In college, are you hoping to play more of a true shooting guard role or do you prefer to play a combo-type role that scores and gets teammates involved?

Whatever the college really needs me to do to be honest, I can play the point, two, or three if they need it.

Have you heard a really different pitch from the schools that have offered you in terms of how each would utilize you as a player?

We haven’t had a lot of talks about that at this point, it’s just been seeing who is showing interest in me.

Who would you say has been showing consistent effort in staying in communication with you?

All of them really, but we also have a plan where we talk like one day a week, sometimes two days. I don’t call them all in one day.

Are there any programs that you are making the effort to contact on a regular basis?

My dad does all that kind of stuff. I communicate with them some too.

Who has your dad indicated to you has extended a firm, committable scholarship offer to you at this point?

Indiana, NC State, Kansas, Duke, Vanderbilt, Purdue, UCLA, that’s all I can remember right now.

Let’s talk Indiana a bit, what is your relationship like with the staff?

I haven’t talked to them in awhile since I’ve been on campus, but they were one of the first programs that contacted me, so I have one of the longer relationships with them. I talk with one of the assistants there a lot.

What are your thoughts on how they run things in the Indiana program?

They like to get up and down.

You mentioned Duke, what do you remember about how they extended their offer and what have they said to you so far in the recruiting process?

Coach K took the time to personally offer me a scholarship. I felt great about the offer.

Has Duke talked about you coming to visit them yet?

They are trying to get me on campus, but we haven’t been able to get down there yet.

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