2019 SF Wendell Moore Talks Recruiting

After visiting Duke last year, 2019 small forward Wendell Moore has continued contact with the Blue Devils as the months have passed.  We spoke with the in-state product recently to get an update on his recruitment and more.


So which coaches did you looked forward to seeing on the sidelines of your games during July?

Probably Kentucky, Wake Forest, Georgia, all the big names.

Obviously coaches can’t call you at this point but you can call them, are there any that you are contacting on your own?

No, not really, my coaches handle all of that, my high school coach. He’s told me that Wake Forest, Tennessee, NC State, Georgia, UNC Charlotte and Carolina have offered.

Has he indicated which programs are showing strong interest to him about you but who haven’t offered yet?

Yeah, Duke, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Virginia Tech, South Carolina.

What are your thoughts on Kentucky as a program and how they do things?

That’s one of the biggest name schools in the country, there’s really not much to say about them, it’s Kentucky.

Same question with Duke…

Yeah, that was one of my favorite teams growing up, I’ve visited there. My favorite player has always been Jabari Parker, ever since he came out of Chicago. I’ve really enjoyed watching him play. I remember watching him in high school on TV.

What were your thoughts on how he played at Duke?

He was a killer at Duke man, one of my favorites.

Does the Duke staff compare you to him at all in their communication with you?

Not really, everybody actually thinks I compare more to Justise Winslow. That’s a great comparison, I like it because we’re both downhill guys, athletic, scrappy on the defensive end, he did everything that the team needed. With both guys they played well at Duke. Jabari came in really as a star to Duke and then with Justise, he came in with Tyus and Jahlil and he had to keep playing, but by the end of the season he was a star too.

Have you given any thought yet to what’s going to go into your potential college fit?

Yeah I actually think about that all the time, I want to find a place that feels like home and that the coaches really trust me to where I’d have the ball in my hand in the big moment and that I know I’d be able to help their program.

Does that equate to you want to be the priority overall recruit in a class to whatever college you go to?

For me I just want to play my game and I’ll look to see how a college wants to utilize me. If they want me to come in with a big class and there’s a big role for me to play, that’s fine, but I could also go and not be the main guy, that’s fine.

So, in your opinion, who do you think has done a really good job at playing and developing guys like you who play the way you do or a similar position?

I’d say Coach K, he’s had a lot of players my size and position there, Jabari, Justise, Brandon Ingram, he’s done a good job over the years. If they offer I’d have to highly consider them, but I just have to keep playing.

Is reclassifying a potential option for you down the line to an earlier graduating class?

I’m definitely not looking to do that right now, but I’d definitely look at it depending on how I’m doing when I’m playing up with the older class. Right now I’m ahead in a few of my classes so I might be able to graduate a few months early, so we’ll see. Right now I think it’s better to stay where I am right now since I’m not done growing yet.

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