Four Star 2018 WR Talks Blue Devil Interest

One of the top dual sport athletes in the region is Northwest Guilford High’s Tre Turner.  Rated as a four star wide receiver prospect, the Scout 300 member has more than 20 offers.  We spoke with Turner about his recruitment and where he sees things heading, and why Duke is firmly entrenched in his recruiting process.

So what’s it like for you being recruited at a high level for both basketball and for football?

It’s a blessing, I didn’t know it was all going to happen like this.

Do you have any college programs that are recruiting you to play both sports that have also offered you for both basketball and football?

Nobody has offered me for both, but Carolina said I could play football and then try to walk on for the basketball team, and probably Maryland. I haven’t really asked a lot of people to do that. More than likely I’m playing football in college.

Is it your hope to play both sports in college?

I’m hoping to play basketball because I haven’t been a football player all my life.  But, I’ll pick the best situation for me and my family.

On the football side of things, who would say is seriously recruiting you that has offered you a scholarship as well?

I have 16 offers that includes Carolina, NC State, Florida State, Florida, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Virginia, pretty much all the ACC schools and I also have Tennessee, South Carolina, some SEC and I’m getting recruited by Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson, those are the only 3 that haven’t offered, and Georgia too.

Those last 4 programs you mentioned, what have they said to you about how they view you as a player?

I went to their camps, I didn’t go to Georgia’s camp, but I went to the other three and they said I’m a freak but I need to get more film and I need to develop my game some more because I’ve only really played for 1 season. They want to watch me develop as a player some more.

Is every one of those programs that has offered you said they have offered you to play wide receiver?

Yes, I’m a wide receiver but there’s some sites who call me an Athlete, but I’m going to play wide receiver in college.

When you think about the college games you watched last year, who would you say had wide receivers that play like you do that you can see a fit at for you?

Probably Florida, they like to air the ball out a lot, Clemson too, Carolina airs the ball out a lot, I like teams that like to air the ball out down the field a lot because that’s what I do as a player.

You mentioned having been offered by most of the ACC, can you update me on what the situation is with Duke in your recruitment?

Yeah, they were actually my very first offer. That was pretty exciting, that was my very first college football game in person which was cool. They took me back there and told me that I had an offer and I was shocked. I like their offense, they got a whole new program going on there, I like what they are doing there and they have good players there.

When did that offer come from Duke?

It was in November last year, after our second playoff game.

What was the communication like with Duke prior to that offer and how’s the communication been going with them since they offered you?

It was one of their coaches who talked to my coach, he came to one game and then they invited me to their Pittsburgh game, that was pretty much the only communication we had with them prior to me visiting. After the offer, they talk a lot and I call them sometimes and they also call my coach and we talk on the phone as well.

What makes you want to reach out to them on your own?

I like the wide receivers coaches, he’s really cool and he broke down the way they do film there which I liked, I like the way they do things there. They have a really good scheme that I feel is really going to work one day.

How big or little a deal was it for you that Duke offered you first?

It’s a big deal because they opened me to the whole recruiting process, I respected them a lot for doing that.

So which programs would you say are making it a real priority in your opinion to stay in regular communication with you and expressing regular interest?

For basketball Appalachian State talks to me the most, they text a lot, pretty much every day. For football it’s probably Carolina, their assistant and I talk almost every day, I go to practices.

What are your thoughts being a North Carolina kid who is being recruited by some of the top North Carolina schools like NC State, North Carolina, Duke?

Yeah it’s kinda funny because when I go to Carolina it’s like don’t talk about the team with the red on and if I go to NC State it’s like don’t talk about that school that wears light blue, it’s kinda funny.

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