2018 Five Star PG Talks Recruiting & Duke

While the Blue Devils are most assuredly working to finish out the class of 2017, there are a number of junior prospects receiving interest from Duke.  One is point guard Darius Garland who spoke with TDD about the contact he’s had with Coach K’s program.


For fans who are just getting familiar with you, how would you describe your game?

I’m a scoring guard who likes to get some buckets but I also like to get my teammates involved a lot. Really good leader, I like to communicate on and off the court. Just a solid, good point guard.

When you look at the college game last few years, are there any guards you would point to as having a similar style to you?

Anthony “Cat” Barber from NC State, Marcus Paige from UNC, he shoots the ball really well and Tyler Ulis with how he gets his teammates involved. With Anthony Barber he’s just really quick with the ball in his hands and he makes plays. Marcus Paige shoots the ball really well and Tyler Ulis really gets his teammates involved and he runs the show.

Have any of those three programs showed interest in you?

Kentucky and UNC are on me really hard. I haven’t really heard a lot from NC State, but I have a lot of offers from other programs.

Who has extended a firm, committable scholarship offer at this point to you?

Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Virginia, USC, Arizona State, Xavier and a lot more. I haven’t thought about it yet.

How about strong interest but no offer yet?

Ohio State, Notre Dame, UNC, Kentucky, a lot of schools.

How big a deal are those early offers for you when you think about the big picture of your recruiting process?

I’m really honored to have all of these early offers because I’m a really young 16-year old, I just 16. So I’m really blessed for it.

Which programs have you had the opportunity to visit so far?

Indiana, Vanderbilt and Louisville. I have offers from all 3 of those schools, so I’m really interested in them.

Who would say is showing you really steady, consistent effort to stay in communication?

Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Indiana, Notre Dame, UNC and some other schools.

There’s been some reports that Duke may be involved in your recruitment—can you confirm?

Yes, they have talked with me a couple of times and they text me a lot. Coach Capel has reached out to me and he wanted to know my parents contact info and to keep doing well and said he’d be watching me play at the Peach Jam.

What are your thoughts on Duke being involved in your recruitment ?

I’m really excited about it because they develop their point guards really well. Looking forward to the process. That’s the main factor and they are a big name, that’s really exciting too.

Have they discussed a possible visit with you yet?

Yeah they want me to come for a visit when I can, but I haven’t looked yet at when I can go.

Were you surprised that they reached out and expressed interest, or was it something you were kinda expecting or hoping for?

I was surprised just because I’m so young and all this attention has come so quickly. Just getting used to it.

Were any of these programs recruiting you now programs that you just liked growing up?

I was born and raised in Indiana, I liked Indiana a lot.

What are your thoughts towards the distance factor when it comes to your decision?

Haha yeah my mom is having a fit about it, she don’t want me to go far, but I’m just going to have to make my decision. She wants to see all my games live, I don’t know yet, I haven’t decided.

When you think about college fit, do you want to be the lead point guard with the ball in your hand making plays? Or do you want to play off ball?

Really it’s just with how the game is going and where they need me. If I have the ball in my hands great, but if I don’t, that’s fine, I’ll just make plays differently.

If Duke, UNC or Kentucky steps up with an offer—is that a potential big deal for you with your recruiting process ? Or would it just be another offer to consider ?

I think it’d be a big deal just because I’m so young and the process is coming so quickly.

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