Moving To TheInsiders Network

As many users no doubt remember, in September of 2001, entered into an agreement to publish our site with Citadel Partners, formally known as Now, nearly 18 months later, TDD will be finally be making the move over to the new network effective September 1, 2003 to become the exclusive Duke site for TI.

During the last two years this decision has weighed on me in the most extreme ways. However after much soul searching and reassurance from some of my most trusted friends, I am confident that this move is in the best interest of both the site and myself.

The move to means that our users will have access not only to TDD's exclusive recruiting and insider information, but also contributions from the top national recruiting analyst, Dave Telep and his staff. In addition there are plans in the works to publish a full color glossy magazine along with great offers from TI's corporate partners like ESPN the Magazine and The Sporting News.

In addition to the great national recruiting coverage, the move will once again allow us to partner with our longtime friends at Inside Carolina as well as other top notch ACC fan sites such as,, and

Please consult the FAQ below for any other issues you may have, or feel free to email me at if you have any concerns. Please understand that I am unable to answer specific questions regarding this move before the move date.

I am a premium subscriber, will my subscription still work after the move?

We will be honoring all subscriptions in a all encompassing grace period that will last until September 17, 2003. Before or on that date it will be necessary for all subscribers to make sure they have a current subscription to the new site in order to continue the active subscription to

If you are currently subscribed to the site, your subscription will remain active with that site only. You will not have access to the new TDD unless you subscribe to the new site.

If you'd like to go ahead and get a head start, TheInsiders is running a special that entitles any new subscriptions to a copy of TheInsiders Recruiting Yearbook.

You mentioned better content? Who will be contributing?

In addition to the current stable of top notch writers already on the TDD roster (Dave Dixon, Dave Hicks, and David Dohrmann), we will have contributions from Dave Telep and Tracy Pierson of as well as other site and regional publishers from around the network.

What about the message boards

I guess this is a running joke among our users by now. After years of crashing, and unreliable servers we are finally coming to rest with a new set of EZ Boards furnished by These boards are already set up and are very similar to the ones we are using at this time. Admittedly there are some minor differences, but it is nothing that I am not efforting to correct at this time. Another plus to using the EZ Board system is that our Premium Boards and Free Boards will be on the same platform, making forum hoping much easier.

We will also be using the real time chat software feature provided by TheInsiders, which will allow us to have special guests for weekly chat sessions.

The downside is that while we are working to transfer all usernames and passwords, there are bound to be some duplicates. I would urge everyone to set up his or her own usernames and passwords on the network as soon as possible. (Premium subscribers will be emailed a complete listing of links and procedures within the next day)

So how long before the next move? This is getting tiresome to say the least.

Believe me, you don't know the half of it. The bottom line is that we are committed to TheInsiders network for at least three years, but have high hopes for a long and successful relationship with one another for many years to come.

I thought you were supposed to merge with DBR? What happened?

While I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Boswell, Julio, and James, it is in both sites' best interest to do their own things. However I do look forward to continuing the friendships we've built over the past few years with them.

When will we know more about this move?

If you are a premium subscriber, you will be receiving an email from me very shortly. In that email you will be given URLs and timetables for the move. If you aren't a subscriber, you may check out our free forums for updates as the start date draws closer.

The free forums remain active at their URL for the time being.

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