Gary Trent (Nike/Jon Lopez)

One on one with Gary Trent, Jr.

Ahead of his official visit to Cameron Indoor Stadium this weekend we had a chance to speak with five star scoring guard Gary Trent, Jr to get the latest on his recruitment and more.

Looks like a lot of visits for you recently…

Yeah, UCLA, Michigan State and Duke have all visited me recently, those are the final three schools that I’m moving with.

What was it about those three that set them apart?

From the start they all had a close relationship with me and I have the best conversations with them and I feel the most connection with them. Those three schools I feel can help me in the best way possible, so that’s who I’m moving forward with in my process.

What have any of those programs said in that relationship building process that has been the most impactful or helpful for you to hear?

Basically all three have told me what they can do to help me and benefit me, so that’s really the ones that I felt could be the most beneficial to me, that’s why they are the top three.

Do you think all three will develop you and play you in similar ways?

They all have the same pitch, come in and be a bigtime scorer and help any way that I can. They would just throw me out there and see what’s going to happen. That’s their pitch.

What are your impressions of the depth charts at each program?

Yeah I’ve thought about that, if you go to a university you want to be successful, so for example UCLA with the guards they have like Jaylen Hands and they might have the opportunity to get Kris Wilkes and Cody Riley, stuff like that. With Michigan State they might get Brian Bowen, so there’s a lot of ifs and buts about what’s really going on with these schools right now, but as everybody commits and narrows down and starts taking their visits, it’ll start to filter itself out.

Are all three programs indicating that their expectation is that you will be able to compete right away for a starting spot?

Everybody is coming in and saying you have to earn your spot, nobody has told me that I’m just automatically coming in to start and as you go through the workouts and practices, then you’ll get your spot from there. It won’t be given to you.

Can you recap your recent in-school visits with the coaches?  Has anything new been shared?

Really that’s what it was was just reconfirming the relationship. Every coach has a story they tell you and experience they have been through or a player they dealt with in the past, but it’s all the same to me really. 

Any insight into what Coach K shared with you in the recent visit?

Yeah they were just telling me a story about Kobe Bryant and how one time he was just shooting terrible shots and not passing and stuff like that and Coach K told me how he had a meeting with him which was big because he was telling him how to pick things up. He was a bigger man and he agreed with Coach and said I need to take better shots and that’s when the team started rolling. 

So with the upcoming Duke official visit, what are you looking forward to doing and seeing and learning while you are there?

Yeah I had the opportunity to go out there last feel, so it’s going to be great to be able to be out there again just to see what the players are like that are there and what the culture is like. I saw a little bit of that but I really didn’t get a chance to spend a lot of time with the players the last visit. So being able to be shown around by the guys and hanging out with the guys and seeing how they play and then doing their Midnight Madness, it’s going to be good. 

How frequently are you and Wendell (Carter) discussing the final decision-making process at this point?

I’d say about once every week or two weeks. Like he just did an official visit to Harvard and he loved it and he said it was great, so I was glad he got to experience that.

So what’s the plan for you after the visits? 

Yeah we need to talk with ourselves and with our families and we need to see where each of us are afterwords, so it’s going to be a mixture of everything. We’re either going to play together or not play together.


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