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One on one with Kevin Knox

One of the top targets on the board in the class of 2017, small forward Kevin Knox, will visit Duke this week officially.  We recently spoke with Knox about that, his summer, and where he sees his recruiting process heading.  

Congrats are in order for the gold medal this summer, can you recap that experience for us?

It was great man and I had a great experience over there in Spain. I had never been there before, had a really good experience with the players and the practices. The food was crazy though, we ate almost the same thing every day, but a lot of us got used to it. The culture there, the people were great because USA Basketball is big over there, people want to take pictures with us, so all the countries loved us which was cool.

Are you ready to start your senior season?

Yeah we start our official practice in a few weeks, right now we’re conditioning and getting bigger in the weight room. We have a pretty good squad this year and I’m going to lead the way again this year and hopefully lead my team to a state championship.

Are you going to have any kind of different role for your team this year?

Last year I put up pretty good numbers and this year I’m planning on putting up pretty good numbers again, so I just gotta be a better leader which is something I’m going to go work on this year is being more vocal on the court. I’ve got a really young team this year, so I’m going to lead them and talk to them throughout the whole year.

In thinking about college—are you being recruited and projected to be a pure wing forward by all the programs?

All the schools on my list, the four want me to be a wing. But with the way the game is going these days, the wings can be 4s or different stuff. So I can play wherever I want to, but all the coaches want me to play the wing, so I’m going to go in and do whatever it takes to win.

So with your top four, do you perceive that they each utilize their wings differently in their systems?

All the schools, Duke, FSU, Kentucky and North Carolina, they all play similar. Their wings all get to the basket, they play inside and out and that’s what I like about all 4 of them. They don’t just play inside or outside, they run the fast break and that’s what all 4 like to do, so I’m just going to keep rolling with those 4 because those are the best 4 that I got.

What’s your perception then of their offenses and how they run their sets?

I’ve been taking a look into that. Each school they play their wings, they get touches each time you come down the court and that’s something I like since if you are one of the best players on the team, you want to be involved in the offense. They get the wings involved coming off of picks and things like that. I look at that and I’m going to go to a few games this year to see all the wings that they are comparing me to. Each program gave me a couple of names to watch this year just to see how they use them and how I would get used when I go up there. So I’ll watch a few games in person or on TV and I’ll just evaluate them and how they use them.

There’s been a lot of talk about the scheduling of your official visits coming up. Can you help me understand what went into the decision-making process to visit Duke first before the early signing period and then choosing to setup the rest of the official visits for after the November signing period?

A lot of people say I’m going to sign early after the Duke official but no my dad talked to Duke and they wanted to be either the first or last official visit, so that was the best time for me before my season starts to do that. It didn’t have anything to do with wanting them to go first, it was just a scheduling thing. Then the rest were just with my schedule and their schedules, I wanted to go during a good game for them on their schedules, not a bad game, so I scheduled to go up for a good game.

Did Duke indicate any reasons to you or your dad as to why they wanted to host you either first or last for their official visit?

No they said they wanted to be the first visit or the last visit and the last visit was a little bit too late for their schedule, so it just happened to be that the first game was a good game and a good time to do the official visit which was fine.

How much do you communicate with the coaching staffs?

Yeah it’s really my dad who handles a lot of the coordination of visits and recruiting calls, he does most of the dirty work and I just talk to them on a regular basis each day and get to know them better.

How did the in-home visits go?

Yeah I had them with all four programs, but Coach Hamilton from FSU came in again and we watched some football, ate pizza and talked basketball. We just keep building a relationship.  I go to my official visit at Duke and then I’m going to do some unofficial visits this season to watch some of the games and keep building a relationship. I’m going to keep evaluating each school.

How concerned are you about depth chart related issues with any of the four schools?

I’m definitely looking into who is going to be going to each school because I’m definitely going to be one of those guys that decides late, so I’ll definitely look into who is going there, but you still have to earn playing time because nobody is guaranteed playing time. I’m going to go in and fight for a starting job and keep rolling from there.

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