TDD Q&A Session: 2005 PF Josh McRoberts

As one of the most sought after prospects in the class of 2005, Indiana big forward <b>Josh McRoberts</b> has seen many of the nation's top program's coaches appearing courtside throughout his AAU season. Now, as he begins to move into his junior season for Carmel High, the 6-foot-10 215 pounder says the recruiting process is heating up.

TDD: Which schools are you currently considering?

Josh McRoberts: Right now I am looking at Duke, North Carolina, Indiana, Notre Dame, Kansas, and Arizona.

Which of those schools have offered?

I've been offered by each of them.

What kind of contact have you had with each of the programs?

I've talked to all the coaches and tried to begin forming relationships with each of the staffs. It's still early though.

Do you have a timetable for making a decision?

I don't really have one right now, but I know that I definitely want to make a decision no later than the summer before my senior season. Otherwise it will take away from my focus on high school ball.

Speaking of high school, how do you see your team faring this season?

I think we have a chance to be pretty good. We finished up strong last year and we return a lot of juniors and seniors this season.

Do you know your stats from last season?

I think I averaged something like 16 points per game while grabbing 10 rebounds as a sophomore.

Do you play inside more for your high school team?

I play more of a power forward for high school, but I can float out to the perimeter and play kind of a 3/4 if I have to. But, I'd say I play mostly a four because that's what helps the team out the most.

One of the things you read the most about you is that you may still be growing, how much taller are you expected to get?

I don't think I've got too much more to go. I wear a size 19 and am 6'10 in shoes, but the doctors say I could probably get another inch or two.

And you're tipping the scales at what these days

Right around 215 at the moment.

What do you think you do well as a player?

That's a tough question. I mean I just try to help my team out, I don't think I can really answer that.

What do you think you need to improve on?

I need to work on my strength. I'm lifting as much as possible to do that.

Have you taken any unofficial visits to date?

I visited Duke and North Carolina and I've been to Indiana and Notre Dame a few times because they are so close to my house.

Didn't you visit Duke and North Carolina for a camp?

Yeah I went to the Duke basketball camp and got a chance to go to North Carolina after it was over. It was really neat to see both schools and get a feel of the different settings at each place. I really felt like I would have a great opportunity to be successful at any of the schools.

What about visits coming up? Have you begun to look at that?

I'm sure I'll take a few visits and go to some football games or something, but I really haven't looked into it at this time. It's something that I'll be looking into soon though.

This summer was your big break out as far as being recognized as one of the elite players in the class of 2005. When did you realize that you were going to be such as highly sought after recruit?

I don't really know honestly. I just try to play hard and help my teams out. It is really great to have all this happening, and it is a really great honor to have all this happen and to be recognized.

When you visited North Carolina for the Duke camp, you mentioned that you had a chance to meet the coaching staff at Duke and North Carolina. What were your opinions of both?

Coach K and Coach Williams are really great people. At North Carolina I only got to go for an afternoon so I didn't really have a chance to get to know them very well, but I did get a chance to look at the campus. At Duke I also really got to know Coach Wojciechowski and Coach Collins. I enjoyed meeting them. I also had a chance to meet Coach Dawkins. All the coaches were great to meet and talk to.

What did the coaches at the various schools tell you about how you'd fit in if you decided to play there?

We really didn't get into that at any of the schools I've visited. We didn't have time to sit down and watch film or anything like that. We mainly just talked and began to get to know one another. I am sure as the process continues, we will get to that kind of thing.

Speaking of the process, you were the subject of commitment rumors this summer at Nike Camp. Can you elaborate on that?

Somehow it got started that I had committed to Indiana at Nike Camp, but obviously that's not true. My parents told me about it when they picked me up that Wednesday night. I think it got started on a radio station or something. My friends still talk about it all the time, but I have no idea how it happened. It's not true though.

I guess there is pressure to stay home and play for the hometown school when you come from a basketball hotbed like Indiana.

Yeah it gets more and more intense each day, but I am not going to let it effect my decision. I want to go to the school where I feel I fit in with the players and coaches the best. The only people who I am listening to in this are my family, coach, and myself. There are thousands of people in Indiana who want me to go to IU and I know that. But what happens if I go there and don't do well, then those people will just move on and find someone else they really want to go there. This is an important life decision and I want to make the right choice.

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