TDD Q&A Session: 2004 SF David McClure

After competing in the triangle for the 10th annual Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, Trinity Catholic small forward David McClure knew he wanted to become a Blue Devil. So the 6-foot-6 205 pound wing called Blue Devil head coach Mike Krzyzewski on Monday night to finalize things. On Tuesday afternoon the newest Blue Devil sat down with TDD to conduct a Q&A session.

When did you know that it was Duke?

I probably knew for sure sometime early last week, then on Monday I was certain.

What would you say was the deciding factor?

Meeting with the coaching staff on Monday after the TOC was really good. I had a chance to sit down with coach and he just helped me see how Duke was really a perfect place for me to spend the next four years. After I left the meeting I was sure that Duke was the place for me.

How did Coach K take the news when you called Monday?

You could tell that it kind of caught him off guard. He kept telling me that this was really a pleasant surprise and that it was a really great thing. He also told me that I was going to have a great four years at Duke.

Did he talk with you at all about what kind of target you have on your back now that you're a Blue Devil?

He did. He told me that since I was a Duke recruit I will have guys really gunning for me night in and night out. It gets kind of ridiculous sometimes, but that's what I want. I mean if I am going to play at Duke I need to accept that kind of thing and deal with it.

How does the staff see you fitting in at Duke?

Coach K said that the starting lineup can change from game to game. It's all about match ups really. He didn't promise me anything in terms of playing time, but he did say that it will be what I make of it. Coach also told me that he wants me to be a leader on and off the court especially since my class will be pretty big, and the class before me only has one [scholarship] guy. If he leaves then our team is really focused on us.

Where do you see yourself playing?

The thing Coach said he liked about me was my versatility. I can play the four if he wants to have a lot of speed on the floor, and if he wants to go big I can play the two. It just depends on the kind of matchups we have on any given night.

What did he say you needed to work on between now and this time next year?

Just to work on my handle and my strength, and to keep working on what I already do well. Basically just to keep working on my game.

When you were at the TOC did you get a chance to meet any of the current players?

Friday night I had a chance to talk with some of the guys who hosted me on my official visit. I got to see JJ and Sean, and got to meet Shavlik for the first time.

At the TOC you told us that you were still recovering from the bout with mono. How's that coming along?

I'm getting better. In the semifinals of the Select bracket I was playing in the paint since we don't have a big guy, and I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, but my dad's a physical therapist so he got to work on me quickly. It's a good thing to have handy.

So you're gaining the weight back now?

Yeah I am around 200 pounds again, so it's coming back slowly.

Any idea which number you'd like to wear during your career at Duke

Well in high school I am number 15, but Sean's already got that so it's something I am going to have to think about.

Any idea on what you'd like to major in?

Not yet. That's something else I'll have to think about.

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