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Alexander "Sasha" Kaun can't wait to visit Lawrence this weekend. Kaun talks about his pending trip to KU, and also how he sees the contenders for his services stacking up. More inside...

Alexander "Sasha" Kaun can't wait to visit Lawrence this weekend. The 6-10 Siberian center from Florida Air Academy says Academics might play a bigger role than one would think.
"Academics is very important.  The basketball program is also important and the relationship between the players and coaches is important to me."
Alexander Kaun places such an emphasis on academics that his plans beyond college don't have to include a pro career for him to be happy. He just wants to make the most of every opportunity he gets both in the classroom and on the court.

"For me, the number one is academics, but if basketball goes well I'll keep playing basketball."

While Kaun's computer science aspirations might wind up being bigger than his hoops dreams, he's still enjoying both for now.

"Sasha" likes what he hears about the academics at Kansas, but also enjoys KU's style of play and Bill Self's history of helping to produce quality big men.

"The style of play (intrigues me) the most as a player and the school I think is pretty good on academics and the coaches. I like the coaches a lot."

"I like Coach Self and the way he does things, that he's a big man's player and uses big men a lot and stuff like that."

Duke have their plusses as well.

"On Michigan State, I like them too.  They're pretty good I think.  For me they're a school on the same level.  There's different styles of play, and different points that make them even (with Kansas and Duke)."

"As for Duke, I like Coach K.  I like the way he does things, their strengths and everything.  It's just business, it's just total basketball. He'll never try to convince you to do something."

Duke won't have the leg up based on location to Florida though. Kaun has obviously traveled a long ways to play at Florida Air Academy.

"Location is not a factor.  I'm far away from home already.  A couple of thousand miles won't make a difference."

As Kaun gets set to travel to Kansas this weekend, he doesn't have any big expectation for the Kansas visit.

"I just want to see the academic side of the school and get to know the people better. See the environment and all the stuff around. I'd like to see how the school is set up, meet all the coaches, meet the players and get to know them better."

Finally, while Kaun still has no leader amongst the final three, he does think the decision will come fairly soon.

"Right after my third visit probably."

That means fans could see a decision by the end of the month, right after Kaun's date with Duke on September 27th. 

This story originally published on Phog.net.

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