Laura Kurz Looking Forward to Duke

Head coach Gail Goestenkors has said that early on in her career it was the Duke men's program that helped her get into the door with many top notch women's recruits. Now, a few years later, Coach G has her program battling for elite status each and every season. Still the tie to Coach K and the men's program helps, just ask the newest Blue Devil.

Laura Kurz knew that she liked Duke before she took her visit to Durham, however once she was reunited with Blue Devil sophomore small forward and Germantown alum Lee Melchionni, her recruiting process ended.

"He took me out and showed me around when I was there," said Kurz. "I had a great time. Lee was one of the first people I called after I committed."

However Kurz seemed sold on Duke regardless who was already on campus in Durham, thanks to her relationship with her new head coach. "She really helped make me feel comfortable with everything," said Kurz. "I think she'll help make be a better player and person."

That may be something that Kurz' high school coach, Sherri Retif, disagrees with, at least in principal. "Laura is one of the best people you'll ever meet. She's a tireless worker on and off the court; she will thrive at Duke."

Indeed the 6-foot-2 small forward's work ethic was put to the test this summer as Kurz was stricken with mononucleosis that sidelined her for nearly seven weeks.

"She's still recovering from that; trying to get her strength and endurance back to where it was before she got sick," said Retif. "I'm sure she's ready to get back to 100% and with her work ethic I don't think she'll be anything less when we start the season."

Retif has a very good reason to hope that her senior forward will be back to full strength when the Patriots begin their season in mid-November. "Laura will break the school scoring record this year," said Retif. "She's already scored 1600 points in three seasons for us, and she's only 100 points shy of it now."

Indeed Kurz has been one of Germantown's best players over the last few years thanks to her size and instincts according to Retif. "She's able to see over the top and overpower smaller guards on her way to the hole. She's also got a knack for being in the right place at the right time."

Currently Kurz plays the power forward position for the Patriots, however in college she projects as a two guard or small forward, something that will allow her to thrive according to Retif.

"Right now she's got to match up with the biggest and strongest player on the other team night in and night out. In college she can go out to the perimeter and really take advantage of all her skills."

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