Visit Goes Well, But It's Just The First

Shaun Livingston is going to take four visits. Last weekend was the first trip and the senior was hosted by the North Carolina Tar Heels. By his account, it was a productive weekend.

Recruiting fans, strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride because Shaun Livingston's recruitment is just getting started.'s No. 2 prospect in America made his initial official visit last weekend to UNC.

"I liked it," Livingston said. "I think it was a real good visit and was definitely a positive."

And so it sounds like the Tar Heels are firmly in the game. The guard said that the visit, which was designed to get him in front of the players and the coaches, accomplished its goal and answered some questions.

"I think I became a lot more comfortable with North Carolina this weekend."

Among the questions that Livingston was seeking to get answered was the status of his scholarship. Was one there for him? Well, he said that Roy Williams asked him to keep the details private but that there in fact would be a grant for him should he opt to play in Chapel Hill.

While UNC was last to get involved, they were first to host him and has to be counted in the main mix after the visit. But, those who think Livingston doesn't visit all four of his schools are mistaken. He'll visit Illinois. The visitation process won't end at least late mid-to-late October.

"I think that's smart and that's wise and that's what I'm trying to be here. I want to take my time, go through the process and make sure I'm choosing the right school."

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