McClure Talks About Duke, Summer, and Paulus

After enduring a roller coaster like summer future Blue Devil David McClure says he's ready to get back to where he was one year ago. The 6-foot-6 small forward is now fully recovered from a bout with mononucleosis both physically and mentally, and ready for his final season at Trinity Catholic High School. Recently McClure sat down with TDD for a post summer interview.

After being one of the top prospects on the Duke recruiting radar for much of 2003, McClure needed a big summer to silence the inevitable critics that seem to follow prep stars who favor the Blue Devils. Unfortunately he was sidelined with mono as school was preparing to adjourn for the summer. Soon after McClure was fighting not only his opponents on the court, but also nature as he struggled to get back to full health.

"I think I did pretty well this summer," said McClure. "I think the hardest thing I had to face was trying to play at a high level while I was still trying to play my way into shape. I was happy that I was able to really play well in the two biggest tournaments of the summer (Big Time and Adidas Three Stripe) towards the end the year."

Indeed those performances were enough to catapult McClure's ranking back into the top 50 according to National Recruiting Analyst Dave Telep. It is something McClure attributes to lessons learned during a hectic AAU schedule.

"We were so busy this summer. I don't think there was one four day stretch where I was home, but I did learn and improve a lot. I really gained a game situation confidence when it comes to playing out on the perimeter. In high school I play in the post more because we don't have a lot of size on our roster, but during the summer I was able to really work on my perimeter game."

That improvement will be critical if Trinity is to repeat their performance of last season that ended with a 27-1 record, and another conference title. "I think we'll be really good this year, if not better than last year," said McClure. "It's just a matter of our team coming together."

After committing to Duke on June 3, McClure quickly became an extension of the Blue Devil family both with current, and future members of the program. "Demarcus and I had a chance to meet and hang out in Colorado (at the USA Basketball Camp). I had a chance to introduce him to my parents at ABCD Camp and I had met his dad earlier in the summer."

Nelson wasn't the only future Blue Devil McClure was communicating with this summer either. In fact he struck up a relationship with junior point guard, and now recently Duke bound, Greg Paulus of Syracuse, NY.

"I actually met him earlier this summer, then when I got to Colorado for the Olympic Camp, his dad called my cell phone one morning and we had a chance to speak for a while there. I got a chance to meet them at Three Stripes too. For some reason Greg wasn't playing, but I had the chance to meet and talk with his parents."

Of course Nelson and Paulus are going to be McClure's teammates over the next few years, however AAU running mate JR Smith will be on the other side of the dividing line after committing to North Carolina. That's something the future Blue Devil is approaching with caution.

"That'll certainly be interesting seeing him in that color blue," said McClure. "We've also got another teammate, Alex Galindo who's looking at NC State I think. So we could have three of the North Carolina schools represented, but then again I don't know what Alex is going to do."

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