Clint's Notebook: 2004 G Demarcus Nelson

ACC Recruiting Analyst Clint Jackson joins the staff of The Devils Den officially this month and will be contributing a few articles a month for us from now on. With his second contribution to the Devils Den -- Clint reveals his notes from the spring and summer on future Duke combo guard, DeMarcus Nelson.

These are Clint's exclusive notes directly from his scouting notepad to your monitor. We hope you enjoy.  

6-foot-3 Combo/Scoring Guard -- Definitely one of the most physically strong guards that we've seen in awhile. It's easy to see how he is so successful with football. This guy looks like he could bench 350 pounds.  

Deep range on his jump shot. Needs a little bit of time to get it off, but he's definitely a scorer. He wants to score and he looks to score.  

Likes to penetrate. His strength is death to opposing defenders because they can't stop him from getting where he wants to get. He's explosive. Absorbs contact without a problem and finishes his drives or gets to the free throw line. Instant offense. Bruising offense. His strength, physique and explosiveness are off the charts.

Needs a bit of work on his ball-handling. It's not sharp. It's still a bit raw. Has had some trouble keeping his handle alive through traffic. Prefers to go right.

He can dunk and he will dunk, especially if challenged near the rim. Nice ability to keep defenders off balance with changing speeds and stutter-stops.  Highly competitive, seems to embrace a challenge.

Big time player. Instant impact for Duke.

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