In Home Visit Recap: Alexander Kaun

Before he left for his official visit to Michigan State, Alexander Sasha Kaun has a chance to host Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and his staff at Florida Air Academy. In a presentation that lasted almost four hours, the head Blue Devil addressed a number of issues with the Russian big man. TDD spoke with FAA head coach Aubin Goporo for a complete recap of the visit.

"The visit went very well," Goporo told TDD in a Friday morning interview. "Sasha is now on his way to Michigan State, but he really enjoyed his Duke visit and is looking forward to going there later this month."

Having already visited Kansas officially, Kaun is embarking on this latest trip in hopes of gaining information that allows him to begin making comparisons between his three finalists.

"He doesn't have anything to compare Kansas to right now," said Goporo. "He's met with the Duke and Michigan State coaches, but he hasn't been to their campuses yet. That's the last thing he's got to do before making a decision. When he gets back from Duke later this month, he'll announce his decision that week. He wants to concentrate on his high school season, and is ready to worry about other things."

With these visits being portrayed as purely fact finding excursions, then the FAA head coach wonders what else Duke can present to his All-American big man after "a wonderful presentation" on Wednesday evening.

"When Coach K came in Sasha had a lot of questions for him, but after their presentation he didn't have any questions left. They showed him everything—showed him how he would fit in with the team, and they told him all about the school. I think they answered all his questions."

Being a traditional back to the basket type of center, there were reportedly concerns about fitting into Duke's high speed attack. However Goporo said Krzyzewski alleviated those fears in the presentation.

"They brought videos and showed him how big men fit and work in their system. They told him that in their program they teach how to read and react to different situations, and how to play the game. He didn't have any other questions once we saw the videos and discussed things."

Kaun, who averaged 13 points, seven rebounds and two block shots per game as a secondary offensive option for Florida Air, will lead his teammates into the preseason beginning in late November.

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