Thursday Night Chat Wrap

Thursday night marked the first edition of TDD's premium chat session. On this night recruiting guru Miller Safrit dropped by for some Q&A session on some east coast recruits and general college football banter. We also had a number of Duke football experts drop by. If you missed the chat, make sure you check the premium board for the date and time of the next edition.

The following are some of the highlights of the chat in Q&A format. TDD football gurus David Dohrmann and Adam Stewart were in attendance to answer questions and offer opinions in addition to Safrit.

What is the deal with the Dukes kid? He's a neb. Transfer, but any good?

He is the best athlete Duke has ever had at QB; a way better athlete than Dave Brown

Is he an option QB or what?

As far as I know he is. That is all he's ever run. I don't have a read on his passing abilities

Who's the running back of the future?

Cedric Dargan. Aaron Fryer is good, but he's going to have a hard time beating out Dargan

OK A long-range question: Which teams will we beat this year?

If we are less than 6-6, I will be in favor of some serious looks at the coaching staff

What's the situation with Alex Wade this week?

Douglas will start at RB. I think Dargan will be next off the bench. Don't be surprised to see wade sit this one out

If the current coaching staff doesn't make it to next season, whose inline for the job?

I've heard is that the powers that be might actually pony up the cash for a 1st rate head coach -- first rate would be someone with a name. NFL assistant, though I would take the Valdosta St coach even though he's D2, also the Boise St head coach would be top notch

What's the one think that Duke's got to avoid this week against Rice?

Falling behind and being conservative

Miller Safrit joined

Miller, what are your thoughts on Franks?

To be honest, I think Duke can do better

Who do you see with Duke on their radar at this point?

They are going to have to sign 4-5 OL in this class. They are going to need at least two of the OL recruits to play their first year, in at least a reserve role

Here is another Miller: Wake-Purdue? Who wins?

I am taking Wake and the points

How is the conference going to shake out this year, Miller?

I like FSU, and liked them before the season. Wake looks really good, and I like Maryland for a late push in the year

Who is the most improved player in the conference that you have seen so far?

Most improved in-conference player would be... Greg Jones

I've got to run folks; good luck, and go Duke

MillerSafrit left

How many games does Football win this year?

I think 6

Which Ones?

I think Clemson, UNC, and one other; I think we can take wake, but well have to play well on special teams.

That can be done - despite the score last year - Duke outplayed Wake - weirdest game ever

What is the story with Wispy (QB Chris Wispelway) - is he just not good enough? He sure looks like he can play?

The story on Wisp is that when he's been given the opportunity in practice, he has not taken advantage of it—he looks great in warm-ups though

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