Kaun Nearly Done With Visits

Two down and one to go. Alexander "Sasha" Kaun has seen two of the most high-profile basketball programs in the country, up close and personal. Now, he has just one visit remaining.

Like is good for Kansas. Most recently he visited East Lansing.

"I just see the school and meet the players," Kaun said of his Spartans visit. "I saw their families and how the support goes. I talked about academics and everything."

With visits to Kansas and Michigan State all over, Kaun is trying to make sense of the national powers. "Both of them were pretty good and right now I am still thinking about both visits and I'm trying to figure out which one was the best. I need a couple of days. I need to see which one is No. 2 and which is No. 1."

One key area of emphasis for Kaun has been research and development. He wants to better understand the style of play at each school he visits. "[Michigan State uses] a big man a lot and play and set screens and roll to the basket. Kansas uses their big man as one in and one out."

The next visit Kaun takes comes later in the month to Duke. "I'm just going to go and see what they have to say. I need to see how I fit in the program."

In the health department, Kaun said the light stress fracture in his foot is healing well. "It's a lot better. I started running last week. I ran four days last week half speed. My foot feels great."

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