TDD Q&A Session: Josh McRoberts

After announcing his collegiate choice at a 3:45 CST press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Carmel Indiana standout Josh McRoberts sat down with to conduct his first interview as a Blue Devil. The 6-foot-9 combo forward touches on a number of subjects including his projected role(s) at Duke.

You went into your visit with Duke not looking to commit, what happened to change you mind?

It was just the right time and the right atmosphere.

How did you think you fit in with the guys who will be on the roster when you get there in 2005? On and off the court?

Pretty good I think. I mean it's hard to get a feel for someone's personality in just a few days, but they have to be good people – I mean they are at Duke.

What do you bring to Duke?

Hopefully I bring whatever they need. I can rebound, shoot, and play defense. Basically I bring them a willingness to do whatever they ask me to do to help the team win.

When did you let Coach K know you wanted to commit? What was his reaction?

I told him on the visit. I think he was really surprised because I don't think he was expecting it this weekend.

You considered a number of other schools. What made Duke your pick?

Just the atmosphere around the whole program. I really loved the campus and the opportunity to play for a great coach like Coach K.

What, if anything, have the coaches told you about how you'll be utilized at Duke?

We've talked a little bit about it so far. I think I'll be more of a forward if you have to assign a position, but I will play wherever he needs me. If he needs me to play center, small forward, or some kind of guard I'll do it.

Which player on the current roster were you most impressed with this weekend?

That's tough. They are all really great players and I liked them all. Luol Deng is really good. I just hope he sticks around until I get there so he can make me look good. He's just a great, great player.

Have you talked with Coach K about what being a Duke recruit will likely mean?

That's something we talked about as soon as I committed. I am looking forward to it because it will bring out the best in me. It has to because I am not a target every game we have. I'm not cocky, but I am confident that I will be ready for this challenge both mentally and physically.

What other recruits and/or future teammates have you spoken with so far?

I talked with Greg Paulus for an hour or so last night. He gave me some tips about the press conference and we just got to know each other a little better. We're going to be roommates, so that was a good experience.

I also met DeMarcus Nelson this summer when he was down at Duke for camp. I haven't talked with him recently, and I guess I should give him a call to catch up with him now. I'll probably call him tonight.

What do you need to work on as a player before you get to Duke?

My shooting. Coach has already given me some pointers on improving my shot. I think the strength will come as I get older. I look at where I am right now as a player as a stepping-stone to where I can go from here.

Speaking of improving, have you talked with the Duke coaches about any programs they'd like you to work on before 2005?

Not really. I know we'll work on that later on though. I did talk to Mr. Stevens, who is the weight training coach, and he gave me a general run down of their lifting programs and that kind of thing.

What was different about Duke's recruiting approach?

That's hard to say really. I mean Duke sells itself. Anyone who follows basketball knows that. They have great people who know what they are doing running things. If I were recruiting someone I'd want to be doing it for Duke, because the place just sells itself.

In an interview last week, your dad mentioned you were impressed with the facilities at Duke. Can you elaborate on that?

Cameron Indoor Stadium is a great place. It's not going to wow you with its size or anything, but anyone who follows basketball knows how special that place is.

Do you have a nickname the Crazies should know about?

I don't think so. Not yet, I think I'll let them come up with that. They are great at that kind of thing.

Are you planning on getting back to Duke for a home game or two any time soon?

I hope so. I think I can take an official visit later on this year, but I don't know how that's going to work yet. I'm going to spend four years there, but I'd like to see it [a game] up close before I step on the court.

Have the coaches told you anything about their plans for recruiting in 2005?

No not really, but in talking with Greg [Paulus] I think we are the only members of the class. The coaches really didn't talk with me too much about that, but I think it's just us right now.

What's the reaction been like in Indiana?

I don't really know just yet. I've been around my family and friends all day and they are all happy with the decision, and that's all that really matters.

On your visit last weekend you mentioned you had dinner with the coaches. Can you give us a first hand account of that?

It was a good time for everyone. We got to meet Coach K's family. My mom really got along with Mrs. Krzyzewski and their daughter Debbie. We all had a really great time.

What number do you want to wear at Duke

I have no idea. I mean do they have any left? Seems like they are all hanging in the rafters or someone's already gotten them. It is something I'll have to look into though.

Have you thought about what you'd like to major in?

Not yet.

Ok last one; What are you most looking forward to at Duke?

Just being part of a great program under a great coach with great teammates for four years.

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