Tuesday Night Chat Wrap: Dave Telep

On Tuesday night TheDevilsDen.com was thrilled to welcome National recruiting analyst Dave Telep to the chat room for our first basketball centered chat. Telep along with some TDD staff were able to answer questions for nearly an hour. If you missed the chat, TDD has some of the more interesting moments saved.

New Flash

Dave Telep: Sorry so late, major Kaun recruiting news. About 30 minutes ago, Alexander Kaun trimmed his list to two schools . any guesses who got cut? … Michigan State was removed from his list of schools… He'll visit Duke as planned on Sept. 27 and then decide shortly after.

Q&A With Telep

You believe it's Kansas at this point correct Dave?

I think Kansas has done more work with him but there are forces in both schools corners at this juncture

Any reason why he cut MSU? He said he liked his visit.

Kaun made it simple. He liked the Kansas visit better and figured no way he could clone himself to attend three schools so he sliced the list. He cut the school because he liked the KU visit better and figured that he was only going to one school. Tough day for MSU losing two prospects.

Dave, can you offer your opinions on the newest Devil?

Sure. I'm a fan of Josh. When our Top 25 comes out tomorrow, he'll be in the Top 10. I think his best days are ahead of him and to see a player you know a player and he's a player

Dave, any new thoughts on Livingston?

Livingston: You know, I think Duke is strong. I think UNC is strong. I'm waiting to gauge the strength of Illinois. I want to see what kind of in-state momentum the Pruitt commitment generates for them… Good question. To be honest, I'm just not sure. I think in the end, Livingston makes a basketball business decision. Where does he fit best for a brief stay? That's why Arizona with their backcourt situation might be a tough sell. He's a luxury recruit there

Has UNC offered Thomas?

I cannot confirm UNC has offered Thomas; I don't know firsthand

If Thomas is ready to commit to UNC will Roy go ahead & pull the trigger?

IMO, no way UNC pulls the trigger unless Livingston tells them he favors another school. I think they are in it to win it with SL.

Dave, can you give any info on where the other grants are going to come from at UNC?

Could, but again, we have to know 1) how much they like Thomas and 2) it's a little early for the SL NBA decision

Dave, Josh McRoberts strengths and weaknesses, and who does he remind you of?

Not good with comparisons unless they stand out. McRoberts to me has a feel for the game and is a player. You know it to see it. He's a fine rebounder and chases shots well. He's a veyr good athlete. I think he's still feeling his way around on offense and that's fine considering his age and potential.

Dave- your thoughts on Shavlik's sophomore season. Obviously you've seen him play much better than he did last year (like when he lit up Amare).

With the added weight for Shav, expectations are running high. You know me, I've always loved the kid. I love his game, how he plays and what he will be. I still think he's a high round NBA pick one of these days.

Dave, where do you rank Paulus in the 2005 class?

Paulus: Don't hate me for this, but he reminds me a lot of Steve Blake. He's got those intangibles and you have to love and respect that.

: What do you think of Hansbrough compared to McRoberts? And who looks good with him, assuming Duke doesn't have the scholarship?

Down the road, McRoberts might have more upside but right now, it's my opinion that Hansbrough is better. I just love his passion, intensity and overall package. He's my No. 3 guy in the Class. Tasmin Mitchell No. 1 and Martell Webster No. 2… McRoberts I believe is No. 8 and Paulus was 14 maybe? I have the list tucked away… In 2003, it's tough to get a pair of Top 10 big men to go together. Just the way of the world these days. Could happen but I'd bet against it in this situation

Whatever happened to Mike Freeman - he drops a monster game in Cameron then promptly disappears.

Mike Freeman transferred from Montrose back to Alexandria just two weeks ago.

In your view would Hansbrough and McRoberts made a good combo?

Of course they'd make a great combo but I don't see them going to the same school

Who do you think will have the best overall recruiting classes in 2005? 2005? You kidding me.? I have no idea who has the best class that year. We still can't tell this season.

Should Kaun and Livingston signup with K...you think that gives the nod to Duke?

Realistically, it might be too early to tell. In the big picture, does it really matter? I mean with that class, Final Fours would be the measuring stick not class rankings.

Dave- what's your take on Nelson? Seems like he's kind of the forgotten man since he basically committed when Elton Brand was at Duke.

That happens when kids commit young that's why guys like Gibson and Crawford "open it back up" IMO so they can get the attention. As for Markie, i think he's a helluva offensive talent.

Anyone standing out early on in 2006 yet Dave? Seems like we have to start looking there for Duke.

Greg Oden is the best player in 2006. Might go to Charlotte… BTW, that's Charlotte of the NBA with Greg Oden

Dave, tell us what you think of McClure.

I think he was struggling in the early summer and I think it was due to his illnesses. By the time Vegas rolled around, he was the second best player on the Playaz and saved them more than once.

Why did Kaun cut MSU?

I think Sasha REALLY liked MSU a lot. I think he just realized he liked Kansas better and now he'll use them to measure his duke visit by

Dave- what do you think of Eric Boateng?

LOVE HIM..If I'm right, he's going to be a big timer in his class.

How much of an impact are you predicting for Deng Dave?

He'd better have a big impact because he was my #2 guy last year.

McRoberts, Nelson, Paulus, McClure - any of these guys play defense?

All of them have the ability to play defense. Seen them all do it.

Dave, what about the leadership ability of DeMarcrus, Paulus, Kaun, McRoberts, and McClure, if you have seen it?

I think Paulus is the best leader of the bunch by far

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