Scouting Dave McClure at Charlie Weber

David McClure, the 6-5 WF/SG for the T5T Playaz performed quite well this past weekend in College Park, Maryland. He's picked up a little more weight since his battle with mononucleosis over the spring and summer and definitely had some highlights in the muggy Armory Gym this weekend on Maryland's campus.

Over the course of two games -- McClure was an offensive sparkplug for the Playaz, who also featured 6-foot-6 J.R. Smith, a sky-walking dunk machine who's bound for North Carolina, and 5-foot-10 Kyle Lowry, a bull of a point guard from Philadelphia. The well-rounded McClure showed his usual versatility playing and defending all three perimeter positions and handed out some nice assists as well. A 20 point, five rebound, six steal performance on early Saturday noon included many mid range jump shots, a couple of three pointers and a few of his signature cradled-lay ups in a crowded lane.

Although not the flashiest player on the floor for the Playaz, McClure has a "pretty game" and does a lot of little things on the floor that help a team win. His shifty dribbles, no look assists and mid range game are definitely a treat to watch. He seems to truly understand how to move without the basketball and always finds the open man. His jump shot was streaky this weekend, especially from the three point arc, which quite a few of his shots came up short.

"I've really been lifting a lot," said McClure after the game. "Especially with my legs."

Even though we've seen McClure in action about 10-15 times over the last year -- we had our first opportunity to talk with him this past weekend in College Park. He's definitely a Duke type of kid. He's very friendly, likes to meet new people and he's impressive to talk to. You can tell that he's been raised to be polite and he's very engaging in conversation. Two thumbs up to the Duke staff for bringing in an excellent kid. Two more thumbs up to McClure's parents for RAISING an excellent kid.

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