Devils Set For 2004-2005 ACC Schedule

The ACC has finally begun to work out the kinks of expansion by announcing the new format for scheduling. On the gridiron the conference will be divided into two divisions. The Blue Devils will remain with long time rival North Carolina, but will also be facing off against both of the conference's new members.

Divisonal Breakdown:

Division I
North Carolina State
Wake Forest
Florida State
**new 12th team TBA**

Division II
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
North Carolina

The immediate plans are to add a 12th member as soon as possible. Until that team is added, the Divisional Format will not be utilized, favoring the scheduling practices used by the Big Ten. When the 12th member is added, the conference will add it to Division I.

Each program will get determine one primary rival from the opposite division that they must play each year along with the divisional schedule. Early indications have Duke facing Maryland as the primary 'rival'.
During the 2004-2005 season, the Blue Devils will not see either the Miami Hurricanes or NC State Wolfpack on their schedule. Instead the Devils will face off against Maryland, Clemson, Virginia, and North Carolina at home while traveling to Wake Forest, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech.

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