Looking Ahead to 2007

Two weeks ago at the D-One Aftermath Round Robin event, a few underclassmen distinguished themselves as players to watch. Though it's early, there's reason to believe a guy like Eric Wallace is going to be a player.

We're always very careful about talking about young players, especially ones that haven't played a single game of high school basketball. However, just a few weeks ago, in a gym in Greensboro, N.C., a handful of underclassmen laced them up in a round-robin scrimmage.

Keeping in mind, most of these young men have not played a single game of high school basketball; here are the best underclassmen at the event.

Eric Wallace, 6-5, swingman, Kernersville (NC) Glenn (2007): Here's a young man who already has the look of a high-major prospect. He carries himself well and is blessed not only with athletic ability but a strong frame. Wallace is confident and though he can get himself to the rim, he's not a bad shooter. North Carolina's "Late Night With Roy Williams" this weekend.

Wesley Saunders, 6-5, PF-C, Durham (NC) Riverside (2007, pictured left): Facially he looks like Cleveland State's Walter Waters. He's a good passer already and while the 3-point stroke could be a novelty item for him, he made a handful of them. In the end, he's an inside guy who needs to sprout up a few inches.

Mezie Uzo, 6-4, swingman, McLeansville (NC) NE Guilford (2007): Like Wallace, he's already muscular and strong. He's not afraid to mix it up inside and has some range.

DeShawn Griffith, 5-10, PG, Fayetteville (NC) Westover (2005, right): This little guy has a feel for the position and he can certainly put it on the floor. His commitment to defense is there and he's a tough kid. His shot needs improvement but he's intriguing; likely a potential mid-major prospect.

Josh Lanham, 6-5, PF, Greensboro (NC) W. Guilford (2007): Loves to get into the paint and mix it up. He's definitely not afraid to get dirty. He has decent short range already.

Jeremy Stimpson, 6-7, PF, Greensboro (NC) Smith (2007, left): Like most of the kids in 2007, it's nearly impossible to judge his level but he's got the size and body at this point.

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