Carl Franks Pre-Game Press Conference

Duke head coach Carl Franks comments on the showdown with Wake and the season to date.

Opening Remarks:

We're excited going into this game. It's homecoming and a TV game against a good Wake Forest team. We're hoping to play a lot better, and a lot smarter, than we did last week against Maryland. If we can do that, I think it will give us a much better chance.

On the play of Phillip Alexander:

He's progressing very well. He came in as an outside linebacker, but we had to move him down to defensive end. He's still got a lot to learn and he's getting stronger, but he's a fast learner and has . The best thing about him is that he knows he can get so much better. He does have a lot of athletic ability and speed. That's what makes him such a fun young man to be around, and that's what keeps driving him. Anytime you have a player like that who's leading the league in sacks, you love the fact that he knows he can get a lot better.

On Wake Forest Quarterback Corey Randolph:

He's an outstanding quarterback who's a leader for his team. He's very versatile; he can run it and throw it equally well, which makes him a tough defensive match up.

On Last Week's Mistakes:

We had 13 penalties. Two of them were delay of games, that don't really count because we did those on purpose. One was too many guys in the huddle. We snapped it when we weren't supposed to. On defense we had guys lining up in the neutral zone, and we had a couple unsportsmanlike conducts. We also had a fumble that cost us 22 yards.

On Correcting Those Mistakes:

You have to stress the importance of not making those kinds of plays. It's a collective effort. We have a goal to not make foolish penalties, but that's what we're doing. We're making mistakes that good football players don't allow themselves to make. It has to be an individual and collective effort for each player to make sure he's not the one making those mistakes.

On the Offensive Performance Against Maryland in the First Half:

Going into the half we were only down 13-0, but we had missed a lot of opportunities. I wasn't really frustrated with our overall performance. I looked at it as being successful aside from those mistakes. Offensively we had moved the ball well and our defense had played well over all. We approached it as ‘if we minimize the mistakes, we'll be OK.'

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