Wake-42, Duke-13 Post Game Quotes

Duke fell to Wake Forest 42-13 on Saturday afternoon at Wallace Wade Stadium. Soon after the game, the Blue Devils faced the media.

Head Coach Carl Franks:

Opening Remarks:

We knew going into the game that Wake Forest was plus six in turnover margin. We knew they got a lot of fumbles, interceptions and they take care of the football. We knew we had to take care of the football and we didn't do it early on.

We had a terribly difficult time stopping the run as we were getting cut off up front. When we pressed the line of scrimmage several times there were some huge seams. We were not doing very good blocking offensively. We turned some guys loose and a couple of times we needed to change the protection and we didn't.

Obviously, I am very, very disappointed.

On offensive struggles:

We only scored 13 points because we couldn't protect on an extra point and let somebody come through and block it. The defense played pretty good and Wake Forest played a bunch of their second team guys in the second half. We had some opportunities to score some more points.

I would have liked to of seen us come back and score a lot more points and at least make it a little more interesting. We just have to find a way to come back to work again.

Fortunately, we don't have to live with this one as the last game of the year. Hopefully, we can come back and show the real Duke football team at some point in time.

On Mike Schneider's injury:

I think he hurt his shoulder pretty good. Obviously, it isn't his throwing shoulder so we will just have to wait and see.

WR Khary Sharpe:

We came out at the beginning of the game today a little flat. I felt like we lacked emotion and the first half score showed it. For the second half, we went into the lockeroom and told ourselves we were not going to give up. We have never given up since I have been here.

We do a good job of getting in the red zone, but we just have to figure out a way to punch it in. Hats off to Wake Forest as they did a great job of stopping us in the red zone.

Senior Matt Zielinski

We had confidence going into the game, but they just came out and shocked us early. In the second half, we came out there playing for our pride. They came out there and put 42 points on us in the first half and that kind of hits you in the heart. We went out there in the second half knowing we had to play with heart and knowing we had to win our pride back, especially on homecoming. To bad we didn't put a whole game together.

Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe

The score shouldn't have been that much in the first half. Over and over again we just came up with big plays. Four big plays were the difference at halftime. Our kids just came out mentally to play their best football game. We knew Duke was a tough, hard-nosed football team. They had given us fits two years in a row.

We basically looked at what they did to us last year and had a couple of thoughts about some things we could do to balance it out. We came to the field with a better attitude today and a better understanding of what they were going to try to do to us. We had too many running plays in last year. We were the jack of all trades, master of none. We came in today with just two or three running plays that we felt like would be good to us and we just hung our hat on them.

Chris Barclay:

At halftime Coach (Grobe) made a remark that I was going to be through for the day unless things got out of hand. As a football player you always want to be in the fire, but sometimes it's good to sit on the side and watch.

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