Demarcus Returns from Durham

Though he's been part of the Duke family for over two years now, last Friday was the official visit for California's top backcourt prospect. After meetings, practices, and a courtside seat at ‘AM Mayhem', it was back to Sacramento to prepare for a senior season that is likely to be full of accolades.

"I had a really good time," said DeMarcus Nelson of his visit. "It was good to see all the guys and coaching staff again."

Indeed Nelson and his family arrived in Durham on Thursday night to go to dinner with family friends and to avoid jet lag when the official visit began on Friday morning.

Early Friday Nelson and arrived on campus and met the coaching staff for breakfast before meeting up with hosts Michael Thompson and Shelden Williams and heading to school to take in a class before meeting back up with the coaches for lunch. After lunch it was time to meet with Chris Kennedy about academics then to Cameron to watch individual workouts before heading back to the dorms with Williams and Thompson.

Friday night Nelson and his hosts walked to Cameron to prepare for AM Mayhem and all the festivities contained therein.

"Midnight Madness was incredible. The fans were so into it, it was just a great night. My favorite part was probably when Jason spoke to the crowd. They went crazy. You could tell how much it meant to him and to them; it was so loud that I couldn't talk to Dave [McClure] who was right beside me."

Saturday morning Nelson met with an admission official before watching the first ‘official' practice of the season before heading to lunch with the entire team at the university club. Saturday night he had the opportunity to stay with prized freshman Luol Deng and attend an on campus party, but it was the practice that made the biggest impression on Nelson.

"I was expecting it when I went in there, but Duke does things on another level from any college team I've ever seen. The conditioning, intensity, and conditioning are what make Duke roll. If there is another program that does things better than Duke, I'd love to see it. Coach K challenged me to take what I saw in Cameron and apply it to my high school season this year. I try to lead by example, but that's not enough at Duke. I need to demand excellence and maximum effort from all of my teammates and they need to demand it of me. I need to be more vocal with this, and that's what I am going to work on this season."

After practice Nelson and his family had a chance to wind down before eating dinner at Coach Krzyzewski house where the menu took on a completely different meaning.

"Coach K told me that I need to use my menu this season. That's what he calls my combination of abilities – my menu. He wants me to bring it all when I get to Duke: Scoring, passing, rebounding, finishing with authority and in traffic, leadership, and ball handling. Coach told me that I'm the most unique guard to come to Duke in a long time and he wants me to come in and be a leader from the start. He expects me to have a very big career at Duke, and I expect it of myself."

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