Duke commitments stick

After the recent dismissal of Duke head coach Carl Franks on Sunday, there was an opportunity for other schools to swoop in and possibly catch one of the Blue Devils' commitments. So what do the three commitments have to say?

Justin Boyle :
"I just spoke with (interim head) coach Roof, and he said that the team was really supporting him. Nothing has really changed, I am still committed.

Zach Smith :
"I'm still committed. I talked to Coach Roof. He said there is nothing to worry about. He spoke with the athletic director who says that the team has nothing to worry about, and for me to remember that I am committed to Duke and that I am not committed to a coaching staff. I always dreamt of playing for Duke, and while I would have like to have played for Coach Franks, I still want to play for Duke.

Jon Terry :
"I'm still committed. They told me what the situation was, and I still plan on going there.

"I am still trying to get Andreas Platt to go with me, but I cannot tell which way he is leaning."

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