Duke Women Start The Season Without The Madness

The Duke Women's Basketball team kicked off their season with a different version of the men's ‘AM Mayhem' on Wednesday night. The Blue Devils were in attendance to sign autographs and conduct an open practice for the several hundred fans who made the trip to Durham.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns surrounding the event was the disproportionate way in which the first public event was held. Unlike the men's program the women weren't given the opportunity to host their own version of ‘Am Mayhem'.

"I have had like 10 people approach me on campus and ask when the Women's AM Mayhem is," commented one team member. "We all wanted to have one and the fans did too."

The Athletic Department did distribute free posters with the motto "Pride and Passion", which the players were able to sign.

This year the Blue Devils have added three new faces with Brittany Hunter, Alison Bales and Dana Morgan joining an already talented roster. Hunter and Bales, the two highly touted Ohio freshmen are rounded out by walk on sophomore Morgan from Arkansas.

In addressing the crowd, head coach Gail Goestenkors spoke of the numerous injuries the team faces. It was obvious that at this point, injuries are the biggest concern of the team. Almost every player was introduced with an injury report including Lindsay Harding who has a finger that is broken in four places. Mistie Bass is suffered an injury in a playful boxing match with a member of the men's team, and Caitlin Howe continues to work hard to comeback from her third torn ACL.

Ranked second nationally to start, the Blue Devils open exhibition play November 4 against Premier Players in Cameron Indoor Stadium at 7pm.

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