Post Game Quotes: Blue-White

The Blue Devils opened the season with the annual Blue-White scrimmage on Saturday night in Cameron in front of nearly 7,000 fans before meeting the media.

Associate Head Coach Johnny Dawkins

Opening Comments

"I thought every single guy that was in the game did something well. I thought all the scholarship players all came in and really contributed and made some plays. Initial impressions, when I look at some of the matchups like Luol (Deng) vs. J.J. (Redick) for instance, they kind of canceled each other out a little tonight. Luol was a very good on-ball defender, but J.J. did what J.J. always does in a game, stuck him right in the heart just like he does. I thought the guys did well, especially the Blue team in the first half, really rebounded well. They got a lot of second shots. Our size was evident. Our guys playing above the rim on both ends, in the first half especially with Shavlik Randolph and Michael Thompson and those guys. They ate the boards up. I think they had 11 offensive rebounds in the first half."

On Shavlik Randolph:

"Shav had the frame to put on weight. The best thing for Shav probably was the injury slowed him down. He's such a gym rat. It kept him from being able to play for 10 weeks, which he's never done probably for two days in a row. That allowed him to really pack on weight. It's been good weight for him. His frame could definitely handle it. We were confident that 235-240 would be a weight that he would be comfortable with. Shav made a very good adjustment to that weight as you can tell. It's made him a much stronger player, much more versatile player. He plays inside now and defensive teams can't get comfortable outside."

"Shav especially is capable of scoring down on the low post. I think tonight was evidence that we're getting those guys touches down there and they're doing things with the basketball which is exciting. Of course we have a terrific perimeter so I think you'll still see guys like Daniel, J.J. and Luol out there, with the three being such a prevalent part of our game, still putting up big numbers."

On Luol Deng:

"I thought Luol was kind of quiet tonight. I look at the box score -- 18 points for a freshman, five rebounds, three offensive, shot a good percentage, four assists, a block. He's a very versatile player. You can post Luol, you can play him out on the perimeter. He's equally comfortable with both ways. As all freshmen here, he'll bring a lot of energy, he'll play extremely hard. And as the year goes on, I can just envision Luol just continuing to get better and better and better as he becomes more comfortable with our system and comfortable with his teammates, things that take a little time. His impact is evident watching this game right here. How great he can be, the sky's the limit. He's a terrific young player and a terrific man."

Shavlik Randolph:

"We have a really unselfish team, and other teams can't afford to double us, because guys like J.J. (Redick) and Daniel (Ewing), they're not going to miss too many shots. So we're going to have some one-on-one looks in the post." "We played hard tonight. We ran the floor, and Chris (Duhon) is one of the best - if not the best - passers in the country, so you know if you do that, you're going to get the ball."

Chris Duhon:

"We have a really good team right now, and we're just going to keep building. I think we have a chance of becoming special. We already at this point have a great foundation, and we just want to keep building from here. I just want to build from last year - I think my last two games I played well in the NCAA tournament, and I just want to build from there. I'm having fun. It's my last year, so I just want to make the most of it."

"This team is very mature, and we've all been through a lot of wars and battles last year, so we're comfortable with each other. We're at a different level. Everybody is confident in themselves and in the team. Everybody is very unselfish, and I think we have a chance to be very deep this year. We're going to have a lot different combinations that can cause a lot of matchup problems. Everybody's having fun right now."

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