TDD Q&A Session: Terrell Smith

Last week <i>'s</i> Dave Dixon had a chance to catch up with senior captain Terrell Smith to discuss the season to date. Smith touches on a number of subjects including Carl Franks, his individual performance, and more. Read on for the full article.

The secondary has had a much better year this year. To what do you attribute that?

Our secondary has been one of the weakest in previous years. It has improved a lot since Coach Roof came here last year and challenged himself and us to improve. We have also received great pass rushing up front which helps us a lot.

What was it like playing for Coach Roof on Saturday? Their seemed to be much more intensity than there was under former Head Coach Carl Franks?

We were all excited for the game. Their was a lot of media hype the week before and we took it as a challenge. We wanted to be one heart beating together. Our practices are way more intense now.

Your role as a team captain took on a whole new meaning when Coach Franks was let go, can you tell us of the unexpected leadership role you fell into and if you felt additionally obligated to your teammates who are underclassmen?

It is not just the players that I felt obligated to. Coach Roof wanted our help too. He came to us captains and said this is his first chance as a head coach and he wanted us to help him. Coach Roof said we are all in this together and he wanted us to have a more active role in team operations and not be afraid to bring up to him anything we may see that needs improvement.

How did you feel about Coach Franks getting fired?

Coach Franks and I always had a good relationship. I was shocked and surprised they fired him at mid-season when we had 5 games left. That is all I can really say. I am not involved in the Athletic Department's decisions.

Do you have a pre-game routine or any superstitions?

I like to talk to my family on the phone before games. On game day I enjoy listening to my brothers cd. My brother Travis is part of a rap group called The Enterprise. They are out of Wingate and play shows in the Wingate and Charlotte area. My cousin Gabriel is also in the group. The Enterprise plays club rap. Their sound is very similar to that our Andre Buckner's.

Why did you choose to major in political science?

I have been interested in studying terrorist activities even before September 11th, 2001. That is why my emphasis is on International relations. Football is similar to terrorism. In both, you have to get a large group of people motivated for one cause. It is interesting to study terrorism and look at the amount of charisma these terrorist leaders put forth to motivate people and get them to do the things that they do.

What would your dream job be in the field of Political Science?

I would love to be either an Ambassador to another country or a foreign diplomat. I would love to have a job where I travel to other countries and sit down with government leaders and discuss terrorism.

You stand 5'11 Terrell, yet you have played 4 years of Division I football, improved each year and seen your playing time go up each season and now you are a team captain. How did you manage to overcome your size and any concerns that scouts may have had about it?

You can't measure heart. I try to get in on every down. I used to watch my mom get up early every day and go to work at a job she hated. Someday were too hot, some days were too cold, and it would have been easy for her to just stay home, but she kept going and putting forth effort. I love football. If my mom could motivate herself to do something she hated, it is easy for me to put 110% into something I love.

Do you plan on trying out for the NFL or continuing to play football when this year is over?

I would love to continue playing football and if I get invited to any camps, or to the NFL combine I will definitely go.

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