Livingston To Likely Announce Wednesday

Though the decision will be made public at a press conference in the next few days, there has been speculation that Shaun Livingston knows where he's going already. However according to one family member, the decision has yet to be made as of midday Monday.

"I asked Shaun this morning when he was going to make his decision," said Livingston's grandfather Frank. "He told that he would probably make it tomorrow, and that's the last I heard of it. I have only talked to him for a few minutes though."

With no decision made, or at least not one that's being publicized at this time, fanbases from Illinois, Arizona, and Duke are left to speculate and wonder where the nation's top playmaker will end up.

The press conference is likely set for Wednesday at 4:30 PM CST, however Peoria head coach Chuck Buescher cautions that things have yet to be solidified. "It's not set in stone," Buescher said. "But I spoke to Shaun at 1 p.m. today and he said he's going to talk to his grandfather tonight and then decide."

"If it's not Wednesday, it'll be Thursday," added Buescher.

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