Decision Day For Shaun Livingston

Today is finally the day. At a 5:00 PM EST press conference from Peoria Central High School, the nation's top playmaker will choose from Duke, Arizona, and Illinois. On the eve of his decision, <I></I> had a chance to speak to one of the more influential members of his camp.

"Unless something has changed he's going to announce it tomorrow," said Shaun Livingston's grandfather Frank. "When I talked to him this morning, Shaun told me that he wanted it to happen on Wednesday."

After taking all his visits and then taking the better part of a week to think it all over, Livingston has apparently arrived at his decision, though as he's done for more than year now, it's yet to become public knowledge.

"He knows where he's going, but he hasn't told either me or his dad as far as I know. If he did, I couldn't talk about it. He's been under so much pressure, but he knows it is time to get this over with."

The plan for Livingston is to call the coaches sometime on Wednesday morning and inform them of his decision. However, many of the coaching staffs have already been in touch with the family this week, in a last effort to make their pitch.

"I spoke with Duke and Arizona today and both of them were pretty confident," said Frank. "I also spoke with Illinois late last week. The one thing I told all of them is that I wasn't trying to influence Shaun, and they understood that. A lot was made of me buying Illinois shirt, but I told all the coaches that I did that at all the schools, but some people were worried that it meant something. It's funny how people have overanalyzed things so much."

When speaking with Duke, Mr. Livingston mentioned some concerns Shaun had with the possibility of becoming a Blue Devil. "I asked Coach K if he knew that Shaun was a little worried about the expectations he has for him. He told me that he had talked to Shaun recently and that he didn't believe Shaun was really concerned with that any more."

So with it finally coming to an end, are there any memories or thoughts on the general recruiting process?

"It's been an amazing process that has allowed us all to meet so many truly wonderful people. We've developed relationships with all of them, and seen a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. They are three great schools, and I don't think anyone could go wrong with any of them."

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