Nelson Ready To Team With Livingston

Even though he's been committed to Duke for as long as many Blue Devil fans can remember, the first member of the class of 2004 got some good news on Monday night when he was told via text messaging that Shaun Livingston would be joining him in the backcourt next fall.

"Shaun actually told Markie on his text messaging that he was going to take the last scholarship on Monday night," said DeMarcus Nelson's father Ron. "I know Markie is excited about playing with him because they both believe they can be really great for Duke."

Despite the public persona shown from the Nelson camp, rumors continue that the first member of the class of 2004 could look elsewhere if Livingston did in fact become a Blue Devil. However, those rumors have squashed with blinding quickness.

"We've heard that for a while now, but it's not true at all. DeMarcus isn't going to give up his dream school just because someone else has chosen to attend the same school. In fact he's signing his letter on November 12th, and is really looking forward to getting to Duke. You can just tell how excited he is."

Indeed with Nelson's tremendous scoring ability and Livingston's exceptional passing, the Blue Devils will be bringing in two of the most dynamic guards in the country come June. However both, along with fellow recruit David McClure know that once they step on the court for practice, the past is just that.

"I know I've got to earn everything I get at Duke," DeMarcus told TDD after making his official visit to Duke. "Once I get there, nothing I've done matters really. I'm on the same level as everyone else, and I just have to show what I can do."

Heading into his senior season Nelson has been working hard on improving his conditioning and taking more of a primary role in his team's success. Currently he's tipping the scales around 210 pounds, and is now measuring 6-foot-4 with shoes.

However the most impressive development has been his dedication to continuing to improve. A good example would be the other day when Nelson and his Sheldon teammates were gathering for plyometric exercises. While many teammates were working with large boxes, Nelson was hopping up onto a 38-inch stool according to one Sheldon coach.

"He's obviously gotten his legs back from his summer injury," the coach reported. "We're expecting him to have a better season than he did as a junior. That will be tough, since he averaged 33 (points), 13 (rebounds), and nine (assists), but we fully expect that he can do it."

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