Players React to Big ACC Victory Over Tech

After snapping a 30 game ACC Conference losing streak, the Duke Football players were both thrilled with their upset win over Georgia Tech, and anxious to see the interim label removed from the title of Coach Ted Roof. TDDs Dave Dixon caught up with a number of them after the game.

Orrin Thompson

What was the difference between today and other ACC games that help you not only win but win big?

Playing together as one heart beat!

Giuseppe Aquanno

What was the difference today?

Ever since Coach Roof took over it has been a whole new attitude and we have concentrated on being one heart beat and clicking on all cylinders. Chris Douglas played great. It is senior day and we just wanted to win one for the seniors.

There has been so much media hype about Coach Franks being dismissed, what did Coach Roof do to make you guys a success?

Ever since Coach Roof took over all we have focused on is taking it one week at a time and finishing 1-0, he concentrate on a one game schedule every week.

Mike Schneider

Great game Mike, first I want to give you a chance to give Matt a shoot out?

(laughs) I just want to say he has always been there for me and thank you for everything.

What has been the difference in the last three weeks?

We have played with a lot more enthusiasm, everyone as coach says, is playing as one heart beat. Everyone is playing together and that is all we need to do to win!

What did coach say to you in the locker room after the game?

He said we were 1-0, enjoy it right now, we were talking about finishing each game and next week will be the same, another one game season, so if we win that we will be 1-0 again

Has Coach Roof made a case for himself to be the Head Coach?

I hope so, I love that guy, I would die for him, the whole team wants him, I know I want him, we all support him.

If you had to make it a percentage as to how much difference he has made?

It is two different coaching styles so it is different, he has made an improvement and everyone saw that on the field.

How tough was it to sit out due to injury over the last two weeks?

It is real tough, you see your guys out there, and we look like a whole different team, and Im happy to join them now, I just wanted to come back and do something good for the team.

Chris Dapolito

How does this win feel after everything you guys have been through this season?

It feels great, especially on the last home game to send out the seniors on a good note feels really good.

Up until the coaching change you didnt see a lot of action. Given that, how does it feel to finally be given a chance, and to be producing?

It feels great, especially to be part of the game plan. It feels good to step out on that field. I am just happy to be a part of it.

Do you think Coach Roof should return and be the head coach next year?

Yes, I love Coach Roof, he is a great guy.

Ryan Fowler

It was your last game at Wallace Wade, what did it feel like going in to the stadium before your last game?

This was a game we looked really forward to as seniors. The guys who have been here four or five years and it is our last game here ever and we wanted to come out and leave this place with a bang. I think we did just that so we feel good about it

How good does it feel to have the monkey off your back about the ACC conference losing streak?

It feels great, we are going to celebrate tonight ,but next week we are gonna focus on one game and get the next ACC team. We are not going to think about this win next week.

What are your feelings on Coach Roof today and the difference he has made in the last three games?

Well, first of all this game today is huge emotionally for everyone: the fans, the seniors, for everyone who played. As far as Coach Roof goes, we all know that he is our coach. He is the guy we want and he is the guy we love and we want to play for him. That is the unanimous feeling on the team and I think that is the way it is going to stay.

So you think he should be retained?


Kenneth Stanford

What has been the difference between Coach Roof and Coach Franks?

I think this may be a change and this gave us a spark. I do not think Coach Franks was a bad coach at all, but a change was needed and Coach Roof brought a spark and that was what we needed.

How did it feel to get the win today after all you have been through?

It is a great feeling. It is something we needed and something that we deserve. It is great!

Do you feel you got the monkey off your back from the talk about the ACC losing streak?

To an extent but we can not get complacent. We have to keep fighting and keep acting as if we havent won a game and keep the same intensity and the same drive.

What are you going to do tonight to celebrate?

I have no idea

Freshman Casey Camaros mother on the surprise for the players before the game:

The coaches wrote a letter first and then they called each of us during the week. They had family write letters so the players would have them before the game in the locker room about beating Georgia Tech and I was told the boys were very excited and motivated by it. The players didnt know until they got them in the locker room before the game.

Were the letters more about beating Georgia Tech or about the whole four years at Duke?

It was a little bit of both, it was beat Tech, but it was also about the seniors and playing for them and whatever we wanted to write and dedication to the program, it was awesome!

Do you think Coach Roof should be the next coach?


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