Running Down Chris Douglas on Senior Day

After running for a career high 218 yards and helping send his team out of Wallace Wade for the season in style, Dave Dixon caught up with Duke's soon to be all time leading rusher. (And Dave was the first to catch him all day.)

What was running through your mind before today's game?

"I wanted to go out here and play with my teammates and leave it all on the field. We wanted to play as a unit and leave a legacy behind us of Wallace Wade and Duke Football heading in the right direction. I think we did that. "

I understand the seniors got letters in the locker room before the game today for inspiration from their parents and that was a surprise to you guys. What did your letter say and how did it inspire you?

"It really let's you know something you might not hear everyday. I got a letter from my Mom and my Dad and it told me how much they loved me and how proud they were of me and how blessed I am. All those things ring true. It made me want to play even harder. If not for myself or my teammates, then for my family. "

Did you feel you had a monkey on your back coming in after losing 30 straight ACC conference games?

"A little bit but we try not to lean into distractions. But at the same time, with everything said and done it feels great to have the monkey off our back. "

Can you sum up for us how a win on senior day feels?

"We definitely share it with all the seniors at Duke. It is our last game here at Wallace Wade and we wanted it to be special and I think it was. "

You are on pace to be the all-time leading rusher in the history of Duke Football. How does that feel?

"It is very exciting and very rewarding because I would not have been able to do that without my linemen. My linemen did a tremendous job today blocking and they have all season. They had a great surge off the ball all day long. The holes were there, all I had to do is run through them. It was more their ability than it was my skill. I want to dedicate this game and this performance to them."

What is the difference between Coach Roof and Coach Franks?

"I think Coach Roof just brings a lot of emotion to the team, he asks a lot of us and he wants us to dig down deep and play for each other and I think we did that (today)."

You have two games left in your college career, what are you thinking as you move forward?

"We want to enjoy this one tonight and tomorrow it is right back to work and we will be all about Clemson. We are playing one game seasons right now and next week the season is Clemson. We really want to correct the mistakes we made today and move on. "

What are your goals following graduating from Duke and finishing your football career at Duke?

"I want to be successful in whatever I do. If that is football, then Lord willing I will do that. If not, I will interview for jobs and hopefully I will get a job somewhere."

What is in your cd player right now? I ask this of everyone I chat with.

"Tupac's greatest hits"

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