Terry Tired Of The Speculation

Jon Terry is tired, but he has never been more excited. And why shouldn't he be, Terry's Lucy Ragsdale team is heading into the second round of the North Carolina high school playoffs Friday and his university of choice is gaining ground in football every single week.

The Offensive Lineman from High Point, NC has been going both ways for his team the last 3 weeks. "We are set up for the best man to start, regardless of who has played a position in the past, and I won the spot of nose tackle 3 weeks ago" he explained.

Terry is also tired of all the talk about the coaching situation at Duke, "I'm not going to Duke for the coaches I'm going to Duke to play football. I want to get a good start to next season, If some of those other guys want to keep there job on the line they are going to have to bring it. Duke has started producing, and we are going to get rolling next year."

Part of Terry's plan prior to attending Duke includes dropping 20 pounds and playing at 309 pounds instead of 329. In an effort to achieve that goal, he has been jogging with teammates in hopes of earning a starting spot for next year in Durham.

"I have already developed a relationship with a few of this year's freshman including Garrett Mason and Zach Maurides. "We talk all the time about football, how the team is doing and recruits" he stated.

Terry was in attendance on Saturday as Duke dismantled the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Jon said he was impressed with the Blue Devils new look and excited to be a part of it.

"I really like the new formations and spreads they employed, and I also liked how they got the tight end involved. They have made a lot of changes on offense and it was obvious Georgia Tech was not expecting some of them."

Players pick schools for a number of different reasons, but one of Terry's factors was a very interesting one. "I have played the organ for 12 years" he explained, "My cousin taught me how to play and I play the organ at my church every Sunday. I will still be able to do that at Duke." "I enjoy playing all sorts of music on the organ" stated Terry, who also cites classical R&B as his favorite genre to listen to. "But I enjoy playing church music the most."

The four-year varsity starter takes the field for the second round of the state playoffs Friday. From there Terry will participate in wrestling in the winter and throw shot put in track and field in the spring before heading to Durham to attend Duke next Fall.

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