Boateng Visiting Duke This Weekend

After playing host to both 2005's Richard Hendrix and 2006's Brian Zoubek last weekend, the Blue Devils are preparing to meet and visit with one of the class of 2005's best big men this weekend as they continue to search for the third and final member of the class of 2005.

Eric Boateng, the 6-foot-10 230 pound big man from St Andrews School in Middleton, DE has begun what promises to be one of the more highly publicized recruiting processes in the class of 2005. Last weekend he toured North Carolina, this weekend he'll be back in the research triangle to visit both North Carolina State and Duke.

"Eric is just trying to get a feel for the various schools right now," said Bobby Rue, head coach at St. Andrews. "He's interested in learning as much as he can about the schools and the programs. These early visits give him a chance to get educated on each one."

Indeed Boateng, who hails from London, England, isn't as well versed as many native prospects, hence the "education process".

"He's getting a chance to see some of the country's best programs with these early visits," said Rue. "From there he'll likely begin to formulate his list. Right now he's just trying to figure out which conferences and programs offer the best situation."

Being on the other side of the ocean from his family, Boateng isn't familiar a number of players currently competing at the college level, however he's very familiar with current Blue Devil standout freshman Luol Deng.

"Luol and he have played together for a few years now on a club team in England. When Luol was on breaks at Blair he'd go home and work out with them, so there is a relationship there."

But does that really help Duke?

"I don't think it hurts them, but I also don't know how much it is going to really help either. Eric knows this is his decision, and I think he'll make sure this is about him. I think he and Luol have a good relationship, but I wouldn't' say it gives Duke a big advantage or anything.

Though neither North Carolina or Duke has offered a scholarship at this point, a number of programs having including Villanova, St. Joe's, Kansas, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Xavier, Boston College, Penn State. Or schools involved include UCLA, Michigan State, Michigan, and Kentucky.

Boateng is ranked as the twelfth best prospect in the class of 2005 according to, and the top center in the junior class.

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