Ted Roof Talks About North Carolina

The Duke head coach met the media Wednesday to discuss the upcoming Blue Devil-Tar Heel matchup.

Opening comments:

This is a big, big game for us against a very good opponent in a heck of a rivalry. It's a game we need to play well in and win.

On the head coaching situation:

What they [the administration] have said to me, I'd like to keep private. As far as me addressing with the team—No, this game isn't about Ted Roof or his future as a Duke football coach. This game is about our players and our seniors. It's about a streak that's been going on for 13 years against a rival that's just eight miles down the road.

On being the head coach to this point:

I've been very comfortable with the role. We've played better during that time, though we kind of stubbed our toe against Clemson, but Clemson had a lot to do with that. They are a very good and well coached football team right now.

Overall our kids have played hard, had fun, and we've improved. We've won only one game, which is not enough, but we want to keep doing the things we've been doing and hopefully we'll come out with a win Saturday.

As far as me doing a good job here – I've done the best I could and that's all I know to do.

On senior Chris Douglas:

When you look at someone who's been that successful over four years a number of things jump out at you. Perhaps the biggest things with him are durability and heart. Playing at that positing there are going to be very few days when he's going to be feeling 100 percent, so he's got to be physically and mentally strong.. He's also got a ton of heart and desire to go along with a good deal of ability, but he just plays with tremendous heart.

On UNC's ground attack:

They are playing really well right now. They are very physical, well coached, and they use good schemes to keep their opponents off balance. The offensive line is playing better, and that comes from getting more experience and gelling together. When you add that with their great tailbacks and they have a great starting point on offense.

On motivating the team for the rivalry game:

You hope it's easier to motivate your team for a rivalry game, but at the same time as a coach you can't assume anything. You can't assume young people are going to be able to get themselves ready to play. That doesn't start on game day or the day before the game. It starts on Monday and then you build and prepare all week, hopefully peaking with a victory on Saturday afternoon.

On pre game speeches:

I believe in preparation over anything else. I think it's important to have a message at the beginning of the week and that you build on that message throughout the week. As far as speeches before the team goes out, I think what ever is said has to come from the heart, but I don't believe a speech can replace a good week of preparation on the practice field.

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