Brittany Hunter Takes Aim

After competing in her first official game at Duke, Brittany Hunter spoke with <I></I>s Dave Dixon about both the team and her own performance as well as her goals for the season, and her time thus far at Duke. The big freshman also took the time to answer some of the questions submitted via our Womens Basketball Forum.

Your first game at Duke was a close one. You had a great individual game, but the team lost. What direction has the team taken since the loss?

I have never lost a season opener before. I tried to analyze the whole game and see what we needed to improve on. I think Alana had the best comment in the locker room after the game. She said we really need to Get after each other more, talk more, and push each other. It was not until afterwards that I realized I had good stats when someone called me and congratulated me on them. I was very focused on what I did not accomplish for the team. I was looking at all the small things that always make a difference like the free throws I missed.

So is the team real hungry now?

Yes we are really excited. We wanted to be #1 and we were #2 at the time of the (Texas) game. People are doubting us already, but we know just how stacked with talent we are and we know how good we can be. We are already playing better as a team. I think after 3-4 more games we will be totally together and we will have worked through some of the early season challenges and we will be extremely good.

Is their any game in particular you are looking forward to the most?

Yes, the game against Connecticut. UConn is a great team that always plays together and really wants to win every single game. No one understands that we want to beat them even more than they want to beat us.

What makes Coach G great to play for?

Coach G really makes us focus on playing as a team and operating as a family. Coach G always stresses that we are a family and that we will move forward as we come together as one.

Is there anything outside of academics and basketball that you like about living in North Carolina?

The pace is a lot slower here. The weather is nicer too. They are probably getting ready for it to snow in Columbus, OH.

Moving forward, if there is one part of your game you really want to improve the most in, what is it?

I actually have 3 main areas I want to improve in right now. They are shooting free throws better, playing better defense and passing better.

Questions submitted by posters from

With you starting to play basketball at such a late date, by today's standards (late middle school), how did you excel and develop so quickly?
-Submitted by Lisa Brown

I focused on fundamentals first and I envied people who always got the job done on the court. I did not pay attention to AND1 type of basketball and I focused hard on improving. I never doubted myself and I always tried to get to the gym early and stay late.

What are you doing to improve your shooting, specifically trying to add a mid-range jumper and a three point shot?
-Submitted by Barry Urhman, Arizona

I am not really focusing on improving my 3 point shot because that is not my role on this team. I am trying to improve my mid-range jump shot and I have done that by doing the same drills I did at home as well as doing an NBA drill that is very tiring, but really helps develop that part of my game.

Congratulations on your outstanding first college game. You came out of the blocks running and had an immediate impact on the Duke/Texas game. You've also grown up playing with and against many of the best in your recruiting class; Given that experience, who else from your recruiting class do you think will start strong and seriously impact their teams play this season?
-Submitted by Rit R. Norwalk, Connecticut

Definitely Tiffany Jackson of Texas. Me and her play the same role for our teams and I really think she will have an immediate impact all season long for Texas.

Ivory Latta at UNC. I saw her play in an exhibition game and she is going to be their starting point guard. She will help them be a very good team.

The combination of Erin Lawless, Indi Johnson and Katie Gearlds at Purdue are going to collectively make a huge difference for that team as well.

What would you like your player nickname to be? Brittany "Big Game" Hunter and "Britt Britt" have been gaining in popularity on the message boards. What other name do you think would fit you as a player/person?
Submitted by Daddy (Newbie1)

(Laughs) Most people call me either Brit Brit or just Brit. Brit Brit is mainly a social nickname and Brit is what they call me on the basketball team. In Columbus people used to call me BHunt, but no one has called me that here yet.

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