Ted Roof on the Big Win

Blue Devil head coach Ted Roof spoke with the media about the victory, his team's performance, and his future in Durham.

Duke Head Coach Ted Roof

"I'm so happy for our players. I think it's a true test of their character. We got up, Carolina made a great run; got the momentum back and in the end the heart of the team came out. I'm so happy for our seniors to get a chance to experience this."

"It was a total team win and I'm also really proud of our staff. These coaches have hung in there and worked so hard, like they should-because that is what we do- but they've gone the extra mile and so have our kids and I'm particularly proud of them right now."

On the current situation at Duke:

"We've done absolutely the best we know how and whatever happens I can look myself in the mirror so can our coaches and so can our players. We came together the absolute very best we know how and I think I'm most proud of that. Right now I'm not worried about what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. I'm very proud of our coaches and our players."

On the offensive performance:

"I think what we tried to do was mix it up offensively and change the formation, change the play, change the motion, try to get some more balance. Carolina has some great coaches and made some changes and did a great job, but I think being able to hold onto the football was a big gut check for our offense and I'm very proud of them

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